Weekly Gems #5

Weekly Gems #5

Time for Weekly Gems #5! I’m thrilled to feature three very different artists this week. Each of these has a completely different style. Dexamol is a 3D artist, Migrating Lines creates hand drawn animations and Michelle Verjoen is a photographer. Let’s dive in!

Dexamol (@dexamol_) | Nature and Technology, Combined

Dexamol is a 3D artist whose biggest inspiration is nature. He was born and raised in Canada and moved to Israel as a teenager. He worked in the post-production industry for many years, creating visual content for TV commercials, music videos and other media . Eventually, he decided to bring his own artistic work to life on the side, under the name Dexamol.

His current artwork resides on Superrare and Makersplace, and is identifiable by how he brings together nature and technology. As he says: technology is created by humans, and therefore can be seen as the extension of nature.

One of the things he enjoys doing is to create an image that doesn’t exist yet. An image that he can imagine, but can’t find anywhere else. In his more recent works, he’s experimenting with sound and animation.

Migrating Lines (@MigratingLines) | The Animated, Magical World of Dino

Migrating Lines has been creating art for the last 18 years. Inspired by anime, cartoons, music and nature, he’s created his own world in which his character Dino lives. His works on Foundation and Superrare are all part of this world.

“I've been imagining, drawing, writing and creating the story of Dino (my character) for many years. Dino (my character), is a young kid that discovers a hidden Magical World and invites people to join him in his journey by unlocking portals (The Magical Items and The Magical Gates) which allows the collectors to participate in different games.”

The style we see in his work was developed over a long period. “My current style was born through repetitive trials and errors... I've been drawing for more than a decade literally every day. It all started with a sketchbook and some really basic animations. Through the process, I always try to enhance my skills in order to portray and animate what I imagine, which helps me develop my style more and more.”

His work is best known for its strong use of visual loops and bold colors. 

Michelle Viljoen (@mich_viljoen) | Street Photos of ‘Moments Inbetween’. 

Michelle Viljoen was born and raised in Cape Town. Besides running a branding agency, she’s a photographer who picked up her first camera at the age of 12, a gift from her dad.

She went on to study fine art and graphic design. Following that, she rolled into fashion photography, which became her profession. After a couple of years she lost her love for it, and she ended up barely shooting.

That was until she discovered street photography, which completely reignited her love for photography. “I’ve always struggled with mental health but street photography gave me an incredibly personal means of self expression. It’s allowed me to connect my own emotions with those I see around me.”

The NFT world came just at the right time in her life. “My first mints were digital paintings I did of some of my photographs. During lockdown I really struggled not being able to shoot, so went back to my roots of painting and decided to relive some photographs by painting them. And then after that I started minting my pure photography and subsequently launched my collection.”


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