Weekly Gems #4

Weekly Gems #4

This week’s Daily NFT Shows featured a lot of different art styles. From paintings to photography, 3D art and motion graphics. The three artists I’ve chosen for Weekly Gems #4 all do something different, and each of them has a unique, personal style. So without further ado, here we go:

Marcel van Luit (@LuitMarcel): Surreal Adventures

Marcel van Luit is a Dutch photographer and digital artist. He combines both mediums to create fantastical scenes, often involving animals and nature. His work has been exhibited around the world at many renowned galleries.

Marcel didn't set out to become an artist from an early age. He wanted to become a teacher but, unexpectedly, ended up as a social worker. Everything was going well until the tide suddenly changed—Marcel was diagnosed with Guillan-Barré syndrome. He ended up completely paralysed and spent over a year in the hospital.

Then, at some point, Marcel started to regain mobility in his hands. He decided to pick up photography as a new hobby. He photographed his young son every time he came by to visit. He then edited these photos, creating unique dream worlds and adventures.

Marcel decided to share some of his creations on Instagram, where he, to his surprise, received a lot of positive responses. He slowly started to regard his work as art and decided to focus on it full-time.

MarcelStrelow.eth (@MarcelStrelow): Mesmerizing Mountain Landscapes

Marcel Strelow is an award-winning photographer from Germany. Most of his photos are taken in the Alps, near where he lives.

Marcel remembers buying his first film camera: He was about to head off for a high school exchange in the United States and wanted to capture every moment of that year. Following that experience, his love for photography grew as he brought his camera along on every trip.

When it comes to his style, Marcel says: "I'm not sure what my style is, but I try to apply knowledge gained from one discipline to another. For example, last winter I soaked up a lot of knowledge about astrophotography, because there wasn't much else to do during the lockdown. This knowledge about blend modes, luminosity masks and selective edits can be applied to daytime photography as well."

Nature always seems to play a role in Marcel's work. He’s also very interested in the play of natural light, especially as it changes throughout the day and through the seasons.

Zeus Creates (@zeus_creates): Epic Worlds

Step into digitally-created ancient and epic worlds with Zeus Creates. This young artist from India picked up 3D design only in February of this year and has been developing his skills ever since. He joined the NFT space in April 2021 and sold his first piece 20 days after listing it.

Zeus Creates draws inspiration from music, video games and other artists. Creating epic environments is what he enjoys most at the moment. When it comes to his style, Zeus Creates likes to emphasize that he won’t stick to one particular style forever. He likes to experiment quite a bit.

Zeus Creates is an artist that we should all be watching as he becomes more popular and his floor prices increase

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