Weekly Gems #2

Weekly Gems #2

Each week, I feature three noteworthy artists Iโ€™ve discovered on social media. Here are this weekโ€™s gems:

atmonez (@Atmonez): Cyberpunk Motion Graphics

Atmonez is a Russian artist who has been working as a motion/video designer at several studios, focusing on commercial work, for the last 10 years. About 6 months ago he decided it was time to spend more time on his artistic career. The NFT space has helped him a lot so farโ€”seeing other artists and connecting with others has motivated him to keep pushing.

His work consists mainly of motion graphics set in a cyberpunk universe. He is inspired by sci-fi movies and books. These movies and books often tend to present a dark world and future. Atmonez finds the โ€˜beautiful aestheticโ€™ in these dark futures and presents them in a brighter way.

Joseba.Elorza (@MiraRuido): Surreal Landscapes

Joseba comes from a small city in northern Spain. He studied to become a sound technician, but his artistic interests pushed him towards creating collages. Shortly after publishing his first works online, he received requests from various magazines to do commission-based work. His illustrations got featured in publications such as Esquire, The Wall Street Journal and Hollywood Reporter.

To further develop his technique, he began to animate his collages in 2013. When he published these online he was again approached for commissioned projects. Music videos became his focus. He did, for example, an animated video for Green Day.

He kept combining client work with small personal projects for a while, but thanks to his success with NFTs, heโ€™s now able to turn down more client work. And dare I say, itโ€™s already paying off.

๐•€โ„‚๐•‚๐•€ (@The_Kid_Icarus): The Old + The New

The Kid Icarus is creating digital 3D art that blends traditional conceptualism with minimalism. He tries to blend โ€œthe old and the newโ€. His work is created with either standard 3D tools or he creates tools, as needed. He tries to explore how technology can create new ways of self-expression.

His love for 3D goes further, though. He says: โ€œ3D allows me to be as direct or indirect as I choose. It also allows me to explore wider digital technologies such as holograms or smart contracts to create something that is alive and changing over time if I choose to.โ€

The outcome? Self-expressive, conceptual art through 3D animations.

Thatโ€™s it for this week. If youโ€™d like to discover more talented artists, then make sure to follow @redlion_news and the Daily NFT Show.ย 

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