Weekly Gems #1

Weekly Gems #1

Each day, I spend hours on social media searching for the best new NFT artists. And let me tell you: there’s a lot! It would be impossible to share all the talent I come across. Hence I’ve decided to feature a selection of my favourites every week. 

Yann Le Gall (@Yann_LeGall): Hypnotizing Generative Animations 

I recently got to meet the incredibly talented Yann Le Gall. Yann is a software engineer who has combined his work in coding with his love of creating art. His latest focus is on the creation of hypnotizing digital loops, which are often the result of new mathematical formulas Yann has challenged himself to learn. Yann told me, “M.C. Escher [a Dutch graphic artist who created art inspired by mathematics] is a huge inspiration. I think of him as the original master of combining math and art.”

Victor Fota (@VictorFota): Digitally-Altered Oil Paintings

Victor Fota is an accomplished oil painter from Romania, about to break out in the world of NFTs. He has a BA and MFA in art conservation and restoration and applies those techniques to his work: “Everything is created as an oil painting first. I use digital tools to conceive the idea, then paint it in oil. Afterwards, I enhance the painting in Photoshop or After Effects for NFTs.” Victor’s 1/1 NFTs can be found on SuperRare.com, Foundation.app and a collection of DESIGNOIDs on MakersPlace.com.

Hannes Hummel (@hanneshummel): Contemporary Organic Art

Hannes Hummel’s work immediately caught my eye. He’s incredibly talented and skilled. Hannes is a 3D multidisciplinary artist from Germany focused on creating contemporary art. His work has been exhibited and shown at galleries, modern art museums, festivals and design shows worldwide. He is best known for various series of work that explore exquisitely-crafted flora and organic structures. His SuperRare debut piece, called Artificial Florilegia, is one you will definitely want to check out. 


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