🎩 Week Roundup of Celebrities in NFT's

🎩 Week Roundup of Celebrities in NFT's

Mark Cuban 

We have been covering Cuban's journey through NFT's these past few issues, and this week in Cuban's NFT world a new music video was made. The creator, Jonathan Mann, inspired by the poem Cuban read on one of his NFT cameos, decided to make a song out of the video.  With Cuban's blessing, the music video was made available in Rarible for 0.02 ETH. This unexpected adventure  has turned into one more of Cuban’s experiments.

Coming for the top of the charts ! And it may be an investment some day ! https://t.co/3VQPTZJEEH

Chamath Palihapitiya

Another billionaire, Chamath Palihapitiya, CEO of Social Capital, has announced his creation of a portfolio of NTF's during an interview. This is crazy because last summer, he was a normie and stated he didn't know what DEFI is. The growth of billionaires is amazing in these past few months, and everyone is starting to hope on the NFT train.

Lindsay Lohan

Singer and actor Lindsay Lohan dropped two different 1 of 1 NFTs this week. On her first drop, @0x_b1 got their hands on it for 30 ETH and created a Twitter poll saying, "After @lindsaylohan's antics of shamelessly supporting @justinsuntron's projects yesterday... do YOU believe she deserves a place in our ecosystem?" Of course, Twitter voted to burn it, and @0x_b1 did such that. When writing this, I honestly forgot who Lindsay Lohan was and had to google her so in a way this might just be a way for her to stay relevant.

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy continues to make his NFT run with a release of a new NFT called "Soulja Collector's Cards." Like with anything with Soulja Boy, he marked up the price and tried selling them for 3 ETH but was only able to sell 2, one of which was for only 0.3 ETH. His entering in the NFT space seems like a disingenuous money grab, just like his failed Soulja Boy game counsel and Soulja Phone. 

There are many more celebrities, and big-name billionaires are joining the NFT and DEFI space every day. It is exciting to see how much this space is growing, and it will only get bigger with time as more celebrities jump in. NFT FOMO is real and is happening right now. Expect many statistical posts soon on Twitter.

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