Week 35 Biggest NFT Sales

Week 35 Biggest NFT Sales



We had a doozy of a sale this week with Punk #6275. Punk #6275 was first sold to Pransky for 1,000 ETH, but later that day, he flipped it and sold it for 1,320 ETH. These two sales are now the number 8 and 7 top punk sales ever!

Other notable Punk sales this week were Punk #6817, which sold for 480 ETH. Also, Punk #9952 sold for 388.88 ETH, and Punk #3022 sold for 310 ETH. 



Bored apes

The Bored Ape project appears to still have steam in the engine with a new all-time high sale. This week Ape #7090 sold for a record 600 ETH. The second-highest sale was also set this week when Ape #8135 sold for 500.88 ETH. Other notable sales include Ape #8877, which sold 425 ETH, and Bored Ape #4177 that sold for 388.8ETH.


Last week we didn’t get to cover the Mutant Ape secondary project, but now we will. Mutant Ape #4849 sold for 350 ETH just a day after it was minted. Also, Mutant Ape #1796 sold for 335 ETH.



The Hot Fidenza summer continues, with a majority of the top NFT sales being made up of Fidenza. With that being let’s go through some of the highest Art Block sales. This week, no sales record happened, but Fidenza #229 did sell for a crazy 500 ETH, and Fidenza #547 sold for 460 ETH. Also  Fidenza #6 for 458.88 ETH, Fidenza #326 sold for 326 ETH, and Fidenza #532 sold for 289 ETH. 

The most notable non-Fidenza sale was Ringers #669, which sold for 400ETH. 



Larva Lab’s Autoglyph project is still come up with Autoglyph #463, setting an all-time high sale when it sold for 460 ETH. Autograph #403 and Autoglyph #486 took the number two and three spots for the highest sale for Autoglyph when they sold for 449 ETH and 444 ETH.


Loot (for adventures)

This new project is not on the list because of it having a ridiculous sale but because of its ridiculous launch. Loot is ‚Äúa project that allows anyone to mint an NFT representing a set of 8 adventurer-themed gear items. These items have scarcity characteristics that are randomly distributed.‚ÄĚ Since its launch, it has taken the number one spot in¬†Opensea‚Äôs Top NFT ranking. In 9 days, the project has 54,200 ETH in trade value.¬†

Its biggest sale was Bag #748, which sold for 250 ETH.

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