Video Music with Eclectic method: Remixing from web 1.0 to web 3.0

Video Music with Eclectic method: Remixing from web 1.0 to web 3.0

Living and breathing internet culture since Web 1.0.

Eclectic Method is a “video music” producer, mixer, remixer and performer that has been creating, Genre bending compositions since 1997.

Eclectic Method has been praised by numerous big-name pop culture and DJ related magazines. He's worked in places such as MTV (back when they were still the real deal). 

Even though he’s assured a place in the DJ and VJ heavens—sporting more awards that we could possibly fit in this article—we had a nice down-to-earth Twitter Space conversation with him. Hear Eclectic Method discuss his own artistic journey here.

Like many artists of the late 90s early 2000s pre-Youtube era, Eclectic learned how to edit music videos and do audio engineering at work.

However, he modestly states that “I probably learned more about sound engineering on YouTube than in the previous 10 years of working as an audio engineer..."

Despite his breadth of knowledge, Eclectic is humble about his methods, “I think some of those long-winded things we learned are not going to be relevant anymore.”

 For example, "You're going to be able to code just by telling the computer what you want to be coded. You're going to be able to create art by just running through artificial ideas from AI and Stable diffusion.”

Ecletic has started using AI to make copyright-free videos which are generated with Movie clips and rock band videos. In recent years, he has shifted his interest to creating work about crypto news, memes, and NFT culture. 

Although the artist's video's subjects have evolved over time, his line of inquiry remains true to his original methodology—it's what makes his work stand out.

Eclectic creates remixes that transform old sights and sounds into cutting-edge audio-visual experiences. They're often more entertaining than the originals. Beyond entertainment, Eclectic's remixes have a purpose. He cleverly subverts the original work to infuse deeper meaning into his videos.

In essence, by bringing together existing samples, he gives birth to a subtext that transcends the sensory output of his art. TL;DR he's dope Af.

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