Velocity Series Showcases: Per Kristian Stoveland's Generative Brilliance

Velocity Series Showcases: Per Kristian Stoveland's Generative Brilliance

In the ever-evolving digital realm of the Velocity Series—a collaboration that melds the adrenaline of Oracle Red Bull Racing, the technological prowess of Bybit, and the genius curation of AOI —the name Per Kristian Stoveland rises as a beacon of generative artistry.

Per Kristian Stoveland: Merging Code with Creativity

Emerging from the fjords of Norway, Per Kristian Stoveland's journey as a generative artist and programmer began with his academic foundation at the Oslo School of Graphic Design. Not long after his graduation in 2003, the advertising world beckoned, recognizing his unique intersection of design knowledge and coding prowess.

However, it was in 2015, alongside three ingenious collaborators, that Stoveland co-founded Void Studio. This avant-garde design studio operates at the fascinating crossroads of art, architecture, technology, and design. Their signature is unmistakable: breathtaking installations that weave the digital realm seamlessly with the physical. Through a blend of architecture, sculpture, kinetics, audio, and sensor technologies, Void Studio crafts immersive experiences, pulling audiences into a realm where digital meets tangible.

The Velocity Series and The Coveted Pass

The Velocity Series is not just an event—it's an experience. Curated with the expertise of AOI, this series promises four releases in line with races in the Dutch, Japan, United States, and Abu Dhabi circuits. And at the heart of it all? The Velocity Pass, a token of premium access, gifting art aficionados an immersive journey with each artist release. For Stoveland's chapter in this narrative, Pass holders are offered exclusive access to the "Pursuit" collection and a complimentary "Echo of Intensity" NFT.

While the Velocity Pass's initial offering on Bybit has been sold out, the secondary market remains abuzz with opportunities for enthusiasts to grab their golden ticket.

Collections Highlight:

Pursuit: This NFT collection is an exclusive treat for Velocity Pass holders. Featuring 200 generative outputs live-generated at mint, "Pursuit" encapsulates the raw fervor of speed.


The Dutch Auction for this collection starts ambitiously at 9 ETH, descending exponentially within a mere hour. If the collection reaches a floor price of 0.31 ETH without selling out, it will remain at this price. To add a tangible touch to the digital, the top 5 bidders will be rewarded with a signed print from the maestro himself.

Echo of Intensity: This open edition digs deep into the aftermath of power and kinetic energy. Each piece is a testament to Stoveland's unique generative ability, ensuring every NFT is distinct.


In a generous gesture, the wallet boasting the most "Echo of Intensity" NFTs at the conclusion of the sale will receive a complimentary Velocity Pass. Furthermore, existing Velocity Pass holders aren't left behind—they will be granted an NFT from this collection via a timely airdrop.

Beyond The Screen

While NFTs traditionally reside in the digital domain, the Velocity Series recognizes the enduring allure of the physical. To that end, the top 5 participants in the "Pursuit" Dutch auction will receive a tangible piece of Stoveland's genius—a hand-signed print, reminding us of the intimate connection between the artist and the art lover.

In the dynamic world of digital art, the Velocity Series, with its inclusion of talents like Stoveland, underscores the transformative power of collaboration, technology, and sheer artistic brilliance.

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