Manjari Sharma: Capturing the Essence of 'Surface Tension'

Manjari Sharma: Capturing the Essence of 'Surface Tension'

Dive deep into the aqueous realm of Manjari Sharma’s "Surface Tension" a series of 21 artworks, set to be unveiled this Friday, Sept. 8 at 11:11 AM CT through Assembly Curated. This Los Angeles-based artist, originally from Mumbai, India, has developed a reputation for capturing the profound, the mystical, and the transformative. Her latest series is no exception.

A Dance with Water

Water is not just a source of life; it's a mirror to our souls. Sharma’s "Surface Tension" brilliantly investigates our ethereal connection with this elemental force. Submerging her subjects in swimming pools, Sharma draws attention to the fragility and universality of human existence.

With each immersion, viewers are presented with a juxtaposition of the delicate balance between life and the overwhelming force of nature. These submerged forms symbolize the cyclical nature of life, portraying the pool as a medium of spiritual ascendancy.

The Power of Metaphor

Sharma eloquently states, “A new world appears; Figures turn into landscapes, limbs into fins, and bodies morph and merge into peculiar yet familiar organic shapes and structures.” Her art isn't just a visual experience; it's a journey into a world where myth meets reality.

Born and raised in Mumbai, Sharma’s works are often a reflection of her cultural heritage. However, with "Surface Tension", she moves beyond personal narratives, offering a universal exploration of human imagination, history, and transformation.

A Transformational Experience

One of the defining attributes of Sharma's artistry is her ability to evoke transformation not just in the subjects she captures, but also in the audience that beholds them. "Surface Tension" stands as a testament to this.

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By using water as both a medium and a metaphor, Sharma nudges the viewer into a space of reflection. The familiar human forms undergo metamorphosis as they interact with water, allowing viewers to contemplate their own relationships with the natural world, memory, and identity.

A Legacy of Excellence

Over the years, Manjari Sharma has cemented her place in the world of art. With projects like "Darshan", where she re-envisioned Hindu deities, she has consistently challenged the conventional boundaries of art. Her unique approach earned her a special commission by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2017. Exhibited globally, her art is a testament to her genius, finding home in renowned institutions and capturing the hearts of art enthusiasts worldwide.

Manjari Sharma’s "Surface Tension" promises to be more than just an exhibition – it is an experience, an invitation to introspect and engage with the interplay between the human form and the world around us. As the art world eagerly awaits its unveiling, one thing is certain: Sharma's work will continue to inspire, provoke, and mesmerize audiences for generations to come.

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