$DTF rugged this week.

$DTF rugged this week.

Oh yea? With so many rugs happening where is the news on this one RLE Gazette?

Take some time to go through the comments. The conversation is really interesting. What tomorrow brings for the affected parties, nobody knows, but most likely funds are gone forever.

Will we see another call to action/crusade or will we see some type of mechanism sprouting from all these disasters that will prevent situations like that in the future? That remains to be seen.

For the time people are bracing for another DEFI pump and of course they will pour money and ape into every new shitcoin with insane APY% and anon devs while disregarding red flags.

One could argue that that's all part of the game and whoever is in it should always be careful and bet according to their bankroll while keeping in mind that rugs/hacks/exploits/bugs are probable and can happen to any coin.

Paradoxically all these problems are gradually building a more robust ecosystem that will soon have standards and protocols that will be highly efficient and safe.

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