5 Decentralized Social Media Platforms to Replace Twitter

5 Decentralized Social Media Platforms to Replace Twitter

Sick of Twitter, its bots, its shadowbanning and its unfathomable algorithm? These blockchain social networks are in their infancy but could solve many of the problems associated with traditional platforms.

#5 Peepeth


Powered by Ethereum, Peepeth incentivizes thoughtful and considered content rather than engagement-farming spam. “Likes” are replaced with a once-per-day “Ensō” that users award to posts they consider high quality or useful. Posts are stored on the Ethereum blockchain and can’t be edited/deleted, further encouraging people to think before they post.

#4 Blurt


Blurt is attempting to create a “social” economy based around inspiring ideas. The platform mints new BLURT tokens every day and distributes them as part of a user reward pool. Much like Peepeth, this method gets rid of Twitter’s hated algorithmic sorting, disincentivizes spam/engagement farming and encourages useful content. All posts are stored on the BLURT blockchain, ensuring transparency and circumventing censorship.

#3 Only1


Only1 is geared towards content creation and monetization without third-party intermediaries. Users create content in the form of NFTs, funded by a platform-wide creator fund. Fans can invest in their favourite artists via staking pools and (like the other platforms listed here) Only1 doesn’t run ads. This means that there's no algorithm to show/hide content according to its commercial potential. Only1 is built on Solana so it’s lightning-fast.

#2 Steemit


Steemit's business model is designed to make users stakeholders. You’re paid for contributions in the native STEEM token ($59,595,935 has been given out already) but what really sets Steemit apart is the number of dapps, including for video and fundraising. Being blockchain-based, the platform is totally transparent and not at the mercy of administrator whims or poorly understood content curation/moderation tools. With over 1 million users, Steemit is gaining traction.

#1 Minds


Tired of social media platforms harvesting and selling your data? Minds puts privacy at the top of its agenda so your information is always secure. Algorithm-haters will also love the customizable algorithm; you can decide which content you want to see and how/if it’s sorted. Like most blockchain platforms, Minds rewards users for their participation. You’ll earn MINDS tokens for referring new users, making popular content and more. Minds is versatile, offering video chat functions, blogging and a messenger service to its 6 million users.

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