Unveiling Genkai: CyberKongz's Upcoming Collection Mint

Unveiling Genkai: CyberKongz's Upcoming Collection Mint

The digital world is a stage for endless creativity and innovation. Among the many players, CyberKongz, an established entity in the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), is set to unfold a new chapter. Known for its unique blend of art and gaming tied to the blockchain, CyberKongz now introduces the Genkai collection.

The Dawn of Genkai

Set to mint on July 27th, 2023, the Genkai collection is the latest innovation from CyberKongz, a leading name in the non-fungible token (NFT) realm. Genkai isn't your ordinary NFT collection; it's an evolutionary step in the world of digital collectibles.

Every piece in the Genkai collection is an anime-inspired work of art, minted on the Ethereum blockchain, embodying a unique aesthetic that draws inspiration from the vibrant and dynamic world of anime. However, the uniqueness of Genkai goes beyond mere aesthetics.

A New Journey Through Niakea

The Genkai collection is more than an array of digital collectibles. It is a gateway to a unique journey through the universe of Niakea. Genkai takes the form of utility-enabled profile pictures (PFPs) which are an integral part of the CyberKongz ecosystem. Each Genkai reveals secrets and ancient magic through an Emaki.

Upon acquiring a Genkai NFT, owners are also assigned to one of the unique tribes within the Niakea universe – Humba, Senkwekwe, Kabirizi, Rugendo, Bageni, or Neo Kongz. These tribes each offer unique gamified experiences, contributing to a deeper, richer user journey.

Minting Details and Dates

The Genkai collection will start minting on July 27th, 2023, with each Genkai NFT priced at 0.25ETH. This major event will unfold in three distinct stages, providing different opportunities for various participants in the community to get their hands on these unique collectibles.

The minting process kicks off with the Limitlist Sale, taking place between 4 PM and 7 PM UTC. This initial phase is exclusively for individuals who have been placed on the Limitlist, who are guaranteed the option to mint two Genkai NFTs each.

Following the Limitlist Sale, the Waitlist Sale will occur immediately after, from 7 PM to 8 PM UTC, provided there is still supply remaining from the initial phase. This stage is open to all individuals who applied to the portal and current CyberKongz holders. Each wallet participating in the Waitlist Sale is limited to one Genkai mint.

The final phase is the Public Sale, beginning at 8 PM UTC and open to everyone, again, assuming there are still Genkai NFTs available from the previous sales. In the Public Sale, each wallet can mint up to three Genkai NFTs, with each minting transaction limited to one NFT.

In a show of appreciation to their existing community, CyberKongz will be airdropping 7,000 Genkai NFTs to current CyberKongz holders. These airdropped Genkai NFTs will come with a vesting period of 180 days. During this period, holders wishing to trade their Genkai NFTs will be required to pay an unlock fee that starts at 0.25 ETH, the original minting price, and decreases over time.

The actual reveal of the Genkai NFTs will occur within two weeks after the conclusion of the mint. Although the minting process is staggered, this structure is designed to ensure fair distribution and an opportunity for everyone interested to participate in the minting of the Genkai collection.

A New Frontier in Digital Collectibles

What sets the Genkai collection apart is its focus on creating an engaging, immersive universe that expands upon the simple idea of digital ownership. By integrating a detailed backstory, tribes, and unique characteristics for each NFT, CyberKongz has crafted an ecosystem that extends beyond the traditional bounds of NFTs, turning a digital collectible into a gateway to a richly textured virtual world.

As the world of NFTs continues to expand and evolve, the CyberKongz Genkai collection is a demonstration of the limitless potential for innovation within this digital landscape. Whether you're an existing part of the CyberKongz community or looking to begin your journey, the Genkai collection offers an engaging, immersive, and potentially lucrative opportunity to step into the world of NFTs.

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