Uniswap Dharma Drama

Uniswap Dharma Drama

Main Points

  • Dharma alleges that they want to provide the Uniswap community with an easier way to govern the protocol.
  • But fears arise that it will turn them into a cartel
  • Uniswap governance has only launched in September

What is Dharma?
Dharma is a portal to decentralized exchange Uniswap.

What did they propose?

Why is it bad?

By lowering the threshold for proposing and passing proposals they effectively create an environment where they can ‘’collaborate’’ with other companies and ‘’control’’ the protocol completely bypassing the governance model that was intended for the protocol in the first place.

The fear was that, should the proposal pass, Dharma, with backing from Gauntlet, would have enough power to follow through on its plans to use Uniswap’s treasury funds to pay its own community.

If "FOR" wins, then @NadavAHollander and @tarunchitra will have enough power to control the outcome of *every* Uniswap vote.

1st thing Nadav plans to do is vote-in a $UNI airdrop to his Dharma users from the "community treasury".

If this isn't a governance attack, then what is? pic.twitter.com/TsTfIWjKTN

So basically to conclude, Dharma claims that lowering the thresholds make a better more agile governance protocol, when in reality they are attacking that governance they claim to support by empowering their position to push their agenda. However, this whole situation gives a good opportunity to reflect and think on all the challenges governance coins and protocols face to achieve an elusive balance,

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