Trym Ruud

Trym Ruud

Rude boys is a highly personal project, and each rude boy is almost always made for Trym Ruud himself rather than to please a crowd.

"When I make art for myself, I am having fun, when I am having fun with a project or an artwork, that is when I produce my best works, and I believe people see that in my works. So rather than creating for others, I create for myself. Wich then again inspires others, at least so I've been told".-Trym

Rude boys are all about telling stories. Each Rude tells a different story, often inspired by something Trym wants to say to the viewers or to tell to himself. Most of the inspiration for Rudeboys comes from everyday life and how Trym feels that day.

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Trym Ruud here

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True NFT degen and Redlion mascot since 2021. I really need a fix 🚬 man so dm me if you got some!

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