Traveling Gazette NFC Lisbon Reveal!

Traveling Gazette NFC Lisbon Reveal!

Hey, frens! We had such a crazy, fun time in Lisbon, and we are super grateful for the opportunity to meet all of you amazing people.

During the event, we asked you to paint ceramic "Azulejo" tiles, and now it's time to reveal the whole piece of Legendary Gazette 142.

We've scanned the tiles and recreated a 3D experience so you can enjoy each piece as if it's the real deal. The tiles are randomly reshuffled each time, and each one leads to a Twitter account of its creator.

Works on desktop only for now


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Inspiration from Tradition: The Beauty of Azulejo Tiles

This time, in honor of the Non-Fungible Conference (NFC) in Lisbon, we've crafted something truly extraordinary - a legendary gazette cover that marries tradition with digital innovation. Our inspiration for this unique endeavor was none other than Portugal's beloved Azulejo tiles, a centuries-old art form cherished for its distinctiveness and versatility. We saw in Azulejo a reflection of what the NFT space embodies: uniqueness, creativity, and an invitation to make your mark.

Working hand-in-hand with talented artists, we embarked on a journey to create a physical representation of our gazette cover on Azulejo tiles. Each artist brought their unique style and vision, adding their individual tile to this collective masterpiece.

From Physical to Digital: The Transformation Process

But we didn't stop there. We wanted to ensure that this extraordinary creation could be shared and enjoyed by all, irrespective of geographical constraints. So we scanned the entire Azulejo tableau and transformed it into a 3D digital masterpiece. Now, everyone can appreciate the intricate details, the play of colors, and the stories that each tile holds, right from their screens.

More Than a Tribute: A Testament to Innovation and Unity

This legendary gazette cover is more than just a tribute to NFC Lisbon. It is a testament to the endless possibilities that emerge when tradition meets innovation. It's a celebration of the vibrant, dynamic, and inclusive community that is shaping the future of digital art. And it's a reminder that at RedLion, we're not just observers of this transformation - we're active participants, shaping the narrative through bold and creative initiatives. We are proud to unveil this masterpiece to you all and can't wait to see where our shared journey takes us next.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated ❤

What next?

True NFT degen and Redlion mascot since 2021. I really need a fix 🚬 man so dm me if you got some!

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