Join us for the REDLIONS & Frens Picnic in Lisbon!

Join us for the REDLIONS & Frens Picnic in Lisbon!

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It's the perfect occasion to embrace your inner artist and showcase your talent. Whether you're an exhibitionist or a performer, this event welcomes all kinds of art! Plus, we've got free beer flowing (because creativity deserves a toast) and a tantalizing possibility of pizza.

Expect a gathering of like-minded individuals radiating good vibes and creative energy. Don't miss out on this awesome blend of art, camaraderie, and deliciousness



  • When: 8th June 2023 6–10 PM
  • Where: Eduardo VII Park (Exact location)
  • Free for All
  • Pizza by PizzaDAO
  • Beers by MetaBrewSociety
  • Whiskey by Amber Island
  • Charity Campaign "SKATEDONATE" by Aiddrop

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