Top 11 NFT Influencers of 2022

Top 11 NFT Influencers of 2022

  1. Cozomo de' Medici
  2. Mario Nawfal
  3. Claire Silver
  4. Ryan Carson
  5. Gordon Goner
  6. Punk 6529
  7. DeeZe
  8. NFT GOD
  9. Franklin
  10. Zeneca
  11. NFTNick

With the year coming to an end, here's a rundown of the best influencers who kept us entertained, informed and bullish for the future.

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  • The voices listed below have an outsized impact on the space--they're not all Angels.
  • Redlion always gives just a little more than you expect... that's why we hope you enjoy this top ELEVEN list!

#1 Cozomo de' Medici

Cozomo is considered the preeminent NFT collector in the world. On top of his potent Twitter presence, Cozomo's Medici Minutes newsletter is widely read. If Cozomo collects an artist, the space collects that artist too.

#2 Mario Nawfal

Perhaps the most controversial pick for our list is Mario Nawfal. In 2022, he rebounded from earlier scandals to attain an undeniable presence and importance within Crypto Twitter. His massive mob-journalism style Spaces have attracted massive listenership and even more massive guests. He recently hosted Elon Musk, and a week later, SBF.

#3 Claire Silver

Claire is one of the most inspiring artists in the space today. She's a leading proponent of AI art. Thanks to recent leaps in the field, her social media presence has gained extra significance. Claire also has a voice in the traditional art world having participated in several notable events in Europe in '22—she spreads the NFT gospel to the normie masses!

#4 Ryan Carson

Ryan is an og NFT founder, investor and host of the Daily Dose: a popular Twitter Space that features web3 news and trends. It airs weekdays at 10:30 ET.

#5 Gordon Goner

Gordon (aka Wylie Aronow) is one of the founders of Yuga Labs and BAYC. His voice carries a lot of weight in the space and his tweets move markets. Definitely a good "notifications on" ype of follow.


#6 6529

One of the more philosophical voices in the space, 6529’s ‘mega-threads’ are legendary. 6529 is dedicated to onboarding 100,000,000 people into the Metaverse and his museum holds one of the most valuable NFT collections in existence.

#7 DeeZe

A punk holder with over 242k followers, DeeZe co-hosts the popular crypto podcast "We Do A Little." He's involved with community building via Tessera and Neon DAO. His feed is a mix of knowledge, grails and humour.

#8 NFT God

NFT GOD is an iconic presence offering guides on how to maximize your potential in Web3. His threads are succinct but pack in huge amounts of knowledge, making them invaluable to newcomers and veterans alike.

#9 Franklin

You may remember Franklin as the collector who “scammed himself” out of 100 ETH. He’s also the 6th largest BAYC holder and an expert in all things Yuga (including staking) and trading more generally.


#10 Zeneca

Founder of ZenAcademy and The 333 Club (a club for builders), Zeneca is also behind the influential 30daysofNFT, a platform for onboarding new people to Web3. His mix of education, commentary and humour has earned him over 312k followers.

#11 NFTNick

Nick cohosts a popular Twitter Spaces, The NFT Morning Show. He is also responsible for and The Nifty Newsletter. Nick has an investigative side to his work: for example, when things got out of hand with FTX, he traveled to the Bahamas to make reports while on location.

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