Tommy Taw

This week’s AMAZING ArtDrop is made by the very talented Tommy Taw, an artist who was born and raised in Phuket, Thailand, and is now known for his insanely detailed digital art. He would be best described as an illustrator and motion graphic designer who focuses on surreal, architectural illustrations, which are often packed with Easter eggs: the longer you look, the more you’ll discover.

Tommy was featured on Little Fortunes’ Daily NFT Show a while ago and we’re excited to now have him as our ArtDrop artist. He’s a prime example of an artist who has the potential to achieve amazing things in NFTs.


Tommy started creating art when he was very young. There were no art lessons given at his school, so his family gave him the chance to learn from a local artist. Tommy recalls not being very talented and even being asked to leave the course - but his passion kept him going.

After his childhood years, he went to art school and university to further develop his skills. He then became a graphic designer, but he never enjoyed this as much as he enjoyed ‘free drawing’. His style changed throughout these years until he discovered what truly ignited his creative spark: rich details.


Tommy Taw gets his inspiration mainly from architecture, video games, and movies. One piece of his that is a good example of this, in particular, is the one called ‘Space Blaster’. This piece was inspired by a 1980 arcade game.

He also mentions going to exhibitions to get new ideas and to meet new people with whom he can share inspiration and from who he can learn new techniques. “Finding inspiration is the most difficult part for me, so I try to relax as much as possible before I start sketching,” Tommy Taw says.


And NFTs? Well, Tommy Taw, like many others, first heard about NFTs on the news. He then went ahead, dove in, did some research and began to pursue NFTs from thereon. This is one thing almost all current NFT artists have in common: they aren’t afraid to venture out to do their research.

Tommy’s NFTs can be found on various platforms. He is also the founder of the MechaCatCrew, which exists of 8,888 generative cats.

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Tommy Taw here

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