Tips for Artists 2020

Tips for Artists 2020

My main point for artists that look to break into space is to create new artwork. Nobody wants to buy your back catalogue just because you tokenized it. Of course, there are exceptions.

Moving images, GIF, are always way better than stills. Try to add complexity to your movement, meaning that a still image with just some lights shining or some basic glitch and color changes are not good enough usually.

Same as the traditional art world has low interest in NFTs, NFT collectors usually hold physical artworks in lower regard, so your cool oil paintings don't look that great as a tokenized photo. Also, another challenge is that someone needs to dox themselves in order to receive those paintings.

It’s bizarre, but so far that has been my experience. Of course, there are exceptions.

The looping must be seamless, I cannot emphasize this enough. I have turned down buying so much beautiful art just for this reason. A good loop is paramount IMHO.
Also on looping, try to be more experimental, we all have NFTs that rotate now, give us something better.

Moreover, I think most collectors have a ton of ETH and crypto logos and symbols by now. Oh! Vitaliks too, I think we all have tons by now.

The price to edition ratio is always very important. When selling goods, the buyer always must feel incentivized to buy yours instead of someone else's. Must feel that there is value whether that could be reselling or price appreciation in the future. The number of editions can vary but always ask yourself if I was the buyer how much would I spend on this artwork?

Be personal on your social media game. People are interested and more attracted to that.

In general, it’s a slow grind that rewards hard work, work ethics, and consistency.

An average person trying to make something extraordinary

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