“I was involved in a lot of music and dance programs, so the idea of 'movement' is something that has stuck with me in the work I've created; it is prevalent in the textures I create, and in the process of creating my works. When covid and the quarantine hit, I was unable to shoot portraits as often, which forced me to create on top of the photos I already had. Using scanography, digital paint and manipulation, I created new worlds and ideas for those photos to exist in. Finding my voice and style through that led me to an editorial in the Los Angeles Times' 'Image Magazine.' It was through that process I realised my purpose in my art and what it brings to the world.”

As an artist, his emotions inspire him the most. The emotions he feels through the experiences of life, or simply from listening to music, watching movies, and viewing art.  

In terms of the Redlion collaboration, initially going into the piece he didn't have a story. However, like many of his artworks, a story began to reveal itself.

“I think it is my subconscious speaking to me. If you look to the centre/left of the piece you see an illustration of a well dressed woman, a big antique home, and a lady rejoicing in her religious beliefs. They are facing a bright, hazed light, which represents the illusion or 'smoke & mirrors' that fame/wealth/and religion give off that can hinder our true vision and purpose in life. That hides the true beauty of life itself.”

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