The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Bridgeworld, PART 2

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Bridgeworld, PART 2

How to Make Money Playing Bridgworld

In the first installment of this game guide, I went over what Bridgeworld is, what Arbitrum is, and how you can convert ETH to MAGIC. Now that we have our MAGIC loaded, we’re going to want to explore how the game is played. The basic idea is this:

Legions are used both in crafting and in quests through time-based missions to gain Treasures. Treasures can be accumulated and used to craft more powerful items and go on more powerful quests, thereby increasing chances at getting better Treasures, but they can also be sold in the marketplace for MAGIC right away or used in other games in the Bridgeworld metaverse. Both Legions and Treasures are also used as boosts when staking MAGIC.

That’s the long and short of it. You can convert the MAGIC back to AETH using SushiSwap, and from there, bridge it back to ETH. This is how you make money. To explore the game, we’ll use a Recruit, but in order to make money playing the game, serious money, you’re going to need to get an Auxiliary Legion from the marketplace.

Recruit – Low Bankroll

Recruits are for players who are just exploring the game and those who want to grind out consumables for profit (more on that later). To get a Recruit, head to the Barracks and claim your Recruit (that’s what you needed the 10 MAGIC for), and then Embark them on a quest. You can do that by going to the Ivory Tower, selecting Legion, and then choosing your Recruit. Once your Recruit is questing, it will be displayed under the Legions tab in the top right, along with the remaining time before the quest is finished. My Recruit took 23.5 hours to finish a quest. I’ve heard other recruits taking 8 hours. Since this is all run by a DAO, expect times to change periodically.

Recruits are for low bankroll players who are just exploring the game, whereas Auxiliary and Genesis Legions make $MAGIC by collecting Treasures.

When your Recruit is done questing, it will return with a consumable. Consumables are used in crafting and in the Starlight Temple for Tattoos, but neither apply to Recruits. Recruits can only go on basic quests to acquire (mostly) basic consumables. If you’re lucky enough to snag that Universal Lock, the floor is about 3.812 ETH at the time of this writing. If you’re not, all you can do is stack up Starlights and Shards. You can either sell them in the marketplace in bulk for a small amount of MAGIC, or HODL until more people adopt into the game and they serve more purpose for a Recruit.


Auxiliary Legions and Genesis Legions – Mid to High Bankroll

There are two types of Legions besides Recruits, Auxiliary Legions and Genesis Legions. The main differences between them are the amount of time they are allowed to Summon and the cost per Summon. When you Summon a Legion, you are essentially using your Legion to spawn another Legion. The summoning takes seven days to complete, and a new Legion will appear when it’s finished. It doesn’t matter if you’re using an Auxiliary Legion to Summon or a Genesis Legion, the new Legion will be an Auxiliary Legion. All Auxiliary Legions are allowed to Summon only once, while Genesis Legions can Summon multiple times. Genesis Legions also use less MAGIC to Summon, but as you can imagine, they are significantly more expensive to acquire. You can snag a floor Auxiliary Legion for about 0.72 ETH, whereas a floor Genesis Legion will cost you about 6.71 ETH.

Once you Summon a new Legion, that new Legion can be used just like any other Legion. You can use it to craft, you can send it on quests for Treasure, or you can Summon the new Legion for another new Legion. Since the cost of Summoning a Legion is 500 MAGIC, as long as you sell it above that, you are making money. The floor Auxiliary Legion for sale at 745 MAGIC will profit the owner with 245 MAGIC or 0.235 ETH. It is important to note that Auxiliary Legions can only Summon another Legion one time. You can see the number of times that Legion has summoned underneath the price. It’s my recommendation to always buy one that hasn’t been Summoned yet. Even if you don’t plan on Summoning right away, you will always want to have that option. For a great video on strategy, check out Citizen #522.

Treasure – Dropped in Quests, Used for Boosts

  • Tier 5 - 0.007 ETH
  • Tier 4 - 0.073 ETH
  • Tier 3 - 0.174 ETH
  • Tier 2 - 0.193 ETH
  • Tier 1 - 0.718 ETH

Treasures are used in Bridgeworld and beyond. They are “the composable building blocks in Bridgeworld that will be used inter- and intra-metaverse.” This means that in Bridgeworld, they are the resources used to do all the cool shit. Treasures extend beyond Bridgeworld to other games on the Bridgeworld metaverse. BattleFly, a new game on the Bridgeworld metaverse, uses staked Treasures mined from Bridgeworld to enhance a user’s BattleFly. As more games integrate with the Bridgeworld metaverse, the value Treasures and the Legions that quest for them should increase (not financial advice). Treasures are categorized by tier and crafting profession. There are five different tiers, Tier 1 through Tier 5, with Tier 1 being the rarest. The floor jumps between Tiers (mostly) are significant.

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