The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Bridgeworld, PART 1

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Bridgeworld, PART 1

WTF is Bridgeworld

Bridgeworld is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) strategy game on the Arbitrum network. It’s ingrained in a deep storyline and has multiple different levels of gameplay. It’s also complex AF, so we thought we’d do a serious breakdown to explain what it is, how you can play, and the potential impacts it has on the P2E gaming landscape. 

A brief note about the game: the website is basic, but the storyline is complex. It’s rooted in fantasy and lore, and there are a whole lot of words. Read them if you like. I did, but it’s not necessary for playing the game. It does make it a lot more fun, though. If you want to learn the quick hits about the basics of startup and gameplay, Anonn.eth did a great job with this thread.

The style gameplay is time-based quests. One of the first things you do is train a Recruit from the Barracks and embark them on a mission. This, and other gameplay features, will be further discussed in the next installment of this guide. For now, let’s just start on getting set up!

WTF is Arbitrum and MAGIC

Arbitrum is a Layer 2 solution on Ethereum designed to reduce network congestion and transaction fees. It’s built directly on top of the Ethereum network and uses a technology called rollups to validate large batches of transactions at once. This makes it a hell of a lot cheaper than ETH gas fees. Note that there’s at least a seven-day withdrawal period. Once you send the funds through the bridge, you must wait at least seven days until you receive them on mainnet.


The first thing you’re going to need to do is bridge ETH to Arbitrum, where it will become AETH. For a great tutorial on how to bridge ETH, click here. The minimum it will allow you to bridge is 0.01 ETH, but I would recommend sending at least 0.02 ETH as 0.01 ETH won’t be enough to start missions. If you have some extra ETH to spare, you may want to consider sending more.

After you bridge the ETH to AETH, you’re going to want to convert it to MAGIC. MAGIC is the currency of the Treasure metaverse. Here’s a great description of what MAGIC is. To buy MAGIC with your AETH, you’ll need to convert on SushiSwap. Ensure you have your wallet set to the Arbitrum mainnet and then select MAGIC from the list. For a video walkthrough, check out Ryan Heger’s post.


And that’s it! Once you have your MAGIC in your wallet, you’ll be able to start playing the game. You’ll need 10 MAGIC to train a Recruit in the Barracks, but if you have more MAGIC, you can go to the marketplace and get more powerful legions right away. The game is a P2E style where you can also stake and earn passive income. They have many different ways where you can earn income. Next installment, we’ll train a recruit and embark on a mission!

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