The Rich Lore Of Genuine Undead

The Rich Lore Of Genuine Undead

Genuine Undead is the collection of the moment. Taking the NFT world by storm and setting social media alight with its heavily engaged community, it’s no wonder that there’s such a buzz around the project. One of the biggest reasons for GU’s success is its in-depth and ever-expanding lore.

Community Led Lore

Genuine Undead's bold narrative aim is “to tell a story and share a message connecting the past and the future.” Eight 1/1 legendaries lay the groundwork. They’re named after the elemental forces of our universe; Faith, Love, Nature, Power, Strength, Chaos, Life and War. A powerful starting point, but it's the community that expands the lore, adding new stories that quickly become canon.

Source: Markus Manson

GU #8333, for example, comes with the headwear trait “fortune teller” and was promptly developed into “Fortune Teller Lou” by Markus Manson. The headscarf is replaced with a cyborg-style, transparent skull showing Lou’s brain as lightning ripples across the sky behind him. Manson’s animated video of #4710 shows the GU looming over planet Earth as it spins, imbuing him with Godlike power. Genuine Undead’s lore has a distinctly Lovecraftian flavour.

An Ancient Tale of Destiny

Renowned cryptowriter and Genuine Undead devotee, LorePunk, takes up the tale through poetry. She casts the GU’s as ancient figures from a time “before we named the light and shadow.” They are a warlike race with an innate “urge to fight," albeit only to protect others against the forces of evil.

Source: lorepunk.eth

There's a touch of destiny about them, too. A time is fast approaching when the Genuine Undead will heed the call to pick up their weapons, defend the weak and fulfill their ancient promise. On that day, the horde will “forget that we were dead and silent” and march into righteous battle. The lore is apocalyptic, even biblical, so it’s little wonder that it has spawned so much community art and new material.

Source: drewwwNFTs

Community driven lore also encourages cross-collection narratives. One cartoon shows a Genuine Undead meeting a punk for the first time and sharing a beer after a cheerful “good to meet ya!” Another depicts CrypToad #192, CryptoMorie #6496 and Mutant Ape #5076 discussing the GU community and agreeing that they’re all undead too. Every story like this weaves another strand into the rich tapestry that is the Genuine Undead’s ever-expanding lore.

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