The M○C△ Fundraiser: A Beacon of Hope for the Crypto Art World

The M○C△ Fundraiser: A Beacon of Hope for the Crypto Art World

In a world increasingly drawn toward the limitless potential of digital and blockchain technologies, the sphere of art has been a fertile ground for innovation. Crypto art, a vibrant and exciting part of this digital revolution, has found a champion in the Museum of Crypto Art (M○C△). Yet, even champions sometimes need a helping hand, and the community they serve can often be their strongest pillar of support.

A Call to Arms: The M○C△ Fundraiser

In a bold response to the challenges imposed by a persistent bear market, M○C△ has embarked on an unparalleled initiative: a two-phase fundraiser. This is not just an endeavor to generate funds; it is a revolutionary mission to unite the crypto art community and create a testament to its resilience and creativity - the largest collaborative artwork the world of crypto art has ever seen.

This call to arms seeks to do more than merely keep the lights on at the Museum. It's about fortifying the Museum's independence and ensuring it remains a sovereign entity, free to explore, innovate, and champion the crypto art that it holds dear.

Uniting Art and Community: The Fundraiser's Two-Phase Plan

The fundraiser unfolds in two distinct phases. Phase 1 is an open call for artwork submissions, with anyone and everyone invited to contribute a 500x500px piece in JPEG or PNG format. These pieces are to be compiled into a mosaic, symbolizing the strength of the community that the museum serves. This phase saw an incredible response, with over 700 unique pieces submitted by the deadline of June 30th.

Phase 2 is the Open Edition Collecting Extravaganza, where the grand mosaic, made up of all submitted artworks, will be presented to the world. This artwork will stand as a testament to the strength of unity and collective creativity within the crypto art community. In addition, M○C△ plans to launch an Open Edition of this artwork, alongside hosting a 24-hour live video stream filled with surprises and exclusive content.

Preserving a Legacy: The Importance of M○C△ in the Crypto Art World

For the past three years, M○C△ has stood as a beacon for the crypto art community, diligently preserving its philosophical roots, uplifting its artists, and curating tokenized artwork across a variety of mediums. Their mission, as encapsulated in their statement, speaks of a firm belief in a future that upholds the values of sovereignty, market access, and freedom of expression in the arts.

By participating in this fundraiser, supporters aren't just ensuring the survival of M○C△; they're casting their vote for the future of crypto art, a revolution that the museum and its community are ready to uphold against all odds.

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