The Fun We Had: Remembering the Memes of 2021

The Fun We Had: Remembering the Memes of 2021

We take a look at the best memes of 2021 in no particular order to not only highlight how the world of NFTs has developed this year, but to remember the fun we had along the way. Isn’t that the point of it all? 

Pepe the Frog

Arguably the most famous internet meme of all time, though it precedes the crypto era, the affection that the NFT community has shown to Pepe over social media is nothing short of amazing. Derivative dank memes and Matt Furie's litigation controversy added even more spice than needed. Pepe will  have an evergreen presence for years to come because "it feels good man."


Simply gm, good morning, gonna make it, countless perceptions, gm NFTs, $gm tokens. It became one of the most tweeted words in 2021, and most major Discords have a specific channel for bidding others a “good morning.”


Every dog has a coin, if not a day. The meme that made Vitalik invest 25K when it initially launched, to Elon Musk taking it to the masses this year. Months later, the original Doge NFT minted by Atsuko Sato was fractionalized by PleasrDAO. The online community around the canine is in the millions and counting.

Ultrasound Money 

It started as a counter to the famous narrative of Bitcoin’s halving representing sound money and a hedge against inflation. The Ethereum community came up with a bat symbol representing “ultra-sound” for the Ethereum POS merge where $ETH will be net deflationary, hence the “ultra soundness”. The meme was adopted quickly and thousands in the community celebrated EIP 1559 by investing further into the ultrasound asset.


Apes, apeing and finally an ape in front of the famous wall street bull. Ape memes are famous in Reddit and investment forums. It jokingly represents heavy gamblers YOLO-ing into risky trades, and has a perfect place in crypto as many of the projects are speculative investments. 


The “not gonna make it” and “we all gonna make it” acronyms have been floating around since the beginning of the year, representing the binary of those who believe in the ethos of blockchain / Web 3.0 and decentralisation versus non-believers and naysayers. WAGMI evolved into a collective voice of hope and belief representing unity.

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