The Digital Canvas

This week’s ArtDrop is made by Fareeha, also known as The Digital Canvas. She’s been a Concept Artist since 2011, who paints the fantasy worlds of her imagination with Photoshop.

Through Fareeha’s work on Foundation, we get to explore Etherea. The ‘Legends of Etherea’ collection introduces us to the fantastical creatures inhabiting this world. Whilst at the same time, we can get to know her Mechawolves on Known Origin.

Hi Fareeha! Could you tell us when you started creating art in general?

I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, thanks to my mum. I always used to read stories before bed - it was one of my favorite things to do. At some point, I started to create my own stories in my head, after which I drew these out on paper. I guess those were my first pieces of ‘art’.

How did you go from there to the amazing Photoshop creations that you’re producing now? Did you study anything media-related?

I did my bachelor's in Media Sciences, with a dream to work as a writer/ concept artist on movie characters. Unfortunately, due to the Pakistani movie industry, I was not able to pursue a career in it and had to settle for a career in the advertisement industry.

However, I had the opportunity to work and earn some money for my family by designing websites, and creative/marketing material. For this, I learned Photoshop. At the end of each working day, I used to come back home and dive into Photoshop again. I’d paint characters, creatures, and all the landscapes of my imagination.

What about the stories in your artworks?

As I said earlier, I used to make up stories in my head when I was a child. But I never stopped doing that! So nowadays, you see these stories through my Photoshop pieces. It’s also why I have fallen in love with concept art. It allows me to take my viewers on a ride through my crazy, imaginative mind.

How did you get into NFTs?

Ha! That’s a funny story actually. I saw the SNL Skit titled NFTs, in which they sang a catchy song about NFTs. It made me think “What the hell are NFTs, and how can I become an NFT artist?”. So I went ahead and figured out how to do it!

What’s been the biggest challenge in NFTs so far?

Balance! Working 8 hours a day at my job, looking after my newborn, and creating/ marketing my NFTs. But I stayed in this space because NFTs allow me to create the kind of art that I like. I get to share my stories with the world.

That’s wonderful to hear. What tip would you like to give to new NFT artists?

Don’t expect to get into NFTs and make a lot of money, this is not a place to earn quick bucks. It requires hard work, networking, and planning your art program. Art + Social + Patience. It will take time so be consistent, and patient, and keep creating kickass art!

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by The Digital Canvas here

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