The Blue Kirby Saga

The Blue Kirby Saga

The narrative that a lot of Defi moonbois worshiped him seemed to make sense. Upon close inspections you could see the wallets who were buying BK NFTS had hundreds maybe thousands of ETH. These guys however have not been buying from other creators on the platform, a trend that seems to continue in today's times as well, despite so many alleged whales in it. There was a silly post about boycotting Rarible so he can make his $Rari, in which Rarible budged and reward him and his following retrospectively. In a later post he excluded himself from the drop.

Then there was the EMN incident.

For those who are unfamiliar here is a quick recap.
Andre Cronje deployed some contracts that had some functionalities to test them out. A lot of people noticed that new contracts for new project had been deployed and read them, figured out how to use them and in a very short time these contracts had 15M USD in them from people ape ing into them (myself included). Then a few minutes later there was a glorious crash in the price. From what our team of analysts gathered it was not a hack or a rug pull, per se but ‘’someone’’ found an exploit and used a flash loan to game the system and ultimately dumped it all, there were around 8M USD sent back to Cronje’s address, which the community later distributed back to the affected people.

Now was it an exploit that someone found or was it guided from within, that we will never know.

But that seemed to be the issue that people had with BK from that moment onwards. He received a lot of heat for the promotion of EMN, death threats, dox threats, and in general a lot of hate, something that surely he was not used to.

This EMN situation made BK loose a lot of respect, however he still had a lot of supporters that believed he had no clue for EMN beforehand. There was a dude that recently started a BK tattoo, he only got the outline done, luckily there is still time to revert.

You can't deny that that fucker looks cute!
But what happened to Bishop who got this tattoo?

Hmmm, let’s see what our sniffing dogs found?

Definitely Some Ragrets there. Maybe Pranksy should sponsor that tattoo after all!

Now to the juicy pussy part…
Blue Kirby started a new project called Off Blue. Basically, it was some kind of presale of a shitcoin through Rarible NFTs. They sold around 2400 NFTs at 1 eth each in the course of a day.

This is when BK twitter account was deleted and OB twitter is now locked.

The reaction from Rarible was to announce the ban due to TOS policy violations.

So what’s the latest?

Looks like the project is still going on, and they claim that they will refund all accounts. The claim tool will be live tomorrow according to the OFFBLUE account.

So overall it’s a beautiful drama with a lot of action. There will always be the people who will be shouting on Tweeter “i knew it!’’ and “I ve been saying it all along for kirby bla bla bla worship me” , that’s toxic behavior. Same as when a cheater is caught some people root for blood to boost their egos. It’s natural shitty behavior. I implore everyone who wants to have an opinion to make it an educated one.

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