The Advent of Mythics: A New Era in the Moonbirds Ecosystem by Proof

The Advent of Mythics: A New Era in the Moonbirds Ecosystem by Proof

In an era where digital innovation redefines boundaries, Proof introduces Mythics, a groundbreaking chapter in the expansive Moonbirds ecosystem. As the latest project from Proof, Mythics ushers in a new dimension of community engagement, artistic expression, and technological advancement, promising a fascinating journey for its growing community.

Mythics: A Fresh Tale in the NFT Landscape

Mythics presents a unique tale, unfurling a saga of a society gripped by fear, grappling with an internal beast born from its own insecurities. As this story unravels, holders will witness correlations to the artist's journey, immersing them in the profundity of the creative process. Over a span of 200 days, 100 new Mythics will be revealed each day, totaling 20,000 unique additions to the Moonbirds universe.

Proof's CEO and Co-Founder, Kevin Rose, stated that the company aims to link the Proof ecosystem and broaden the narrative that began with Moonbirds through Mythics. The launch signifies a meticulous effort to extend the art and technology of Moonbirds. They've shaped an experience that provides their community with insights into the creative process by aligning it with the artist's journey.

Participatory Artistry: A Unique Feature of Mythics

An essential aspect that sets Mythics apart from other NFTs in the marketplace is its interactive, real-time creation process. This dynamic component transforms the art of minting from a static act to an engaging, interactive experience for the community.

Every day, 50 Mythics Eggs and 50 nominated Oddities NFTs are activated and designated for burning in exchange for Mythics. This continuous process spans 200 days, with the aim of revealing a grand total of 20,000 unique Mythics. This gradual revelation is not only intended to build suspense and anticipation but also to allow community members to participate in the unfolding of the Mythics universe.

Once a Mythic egg is activated, it's up to the holder to decide when to hatch it, adding a personal touch to the experience. However, this decision is not merely about timing; it's a question of choice. When an Oddity is selected for the Hearth, it is instantaneously burned and replaced with a random Mythic, which can then be revealed or minted at the holder's discretion.

Yet, the co-creation process extends even further. Each Mythic holds a set of traits, and these traits come to life through the choices of the community. The holders are able to decide in real-time which Mythic to mint and which to bypass. Any unchosen Mythics are removed from the pool and won't be offered to future summoners.

A Deeper Look at Traits and Rarity Ranks

A central feature of the Mythics collection is the distinctive set of traits that each Mythic carries. These traits are not mere aesthetic flourishes, but rather, they contribute to the overall narrative of Volaria, the universe where Mythics reside. Each trait comes with a separate detail card that includes not only its name but also "flavor text"—a snippet of lore that reveals what the trait means to the Mythic and its place within the grand narrative.

Traits also have a Rarity Rank which indicates the likelihood of the trait appearing during the collection generation process. These ranks range from Common, through Uncommon and Rare, to Legendary, providing a spectrum of rarity for the community to consider when choosing their Mythics. These ranks are represented by specific icons and a Rarity Rank tag, providing clarity for holders as they navigate their options during the egg hatching.

Mythics Holders: Privileges and Involvement

Ownership of Mythics isn't merely about possessing a digital asset; it's an opportunity for exclusive access to Proof releases, art installations, and events. As part of the Lunar Society, Mythics holders also have the chance to propose and vote on projects, further contributing to the evolution of the Moonbirds ecosystem.

The Mythics initiative has been a creative journey for the team at Proof, diving into the lore of the world they've been building through both art and the mechanics of minting. To honor this feat, a grand celebration at Foundry, Proof’s newest multi-purpose community hub in Los Angeles, welcomed Mythics holders, Moonbirds enthusiasts, and members of the Proof ecosystem.

In essence, Mythics is not just an addition to the Moonbirds ecosystem; it's a testament to the growth and innovation of the NFT space. It exemplifies how art, technology, and community engagement can come together to create a unique and immersive experience.

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