🤥 That’s a load of Bunk

🤥 That’s a load of Bunk

Bunks, the latest pathetic money-grab attempt to counterfeit CryptoPunks, isn’t going to work out well.

 If not for one reason then for another. Some disappointed participants now seem to realize this ‘project’ was all but dead on arrival. The false promise of this fraudulent NFT seems to have briefly blinded some early entrants to it’s fatally flawed logic. Very sorry for any mislead newcomers to the NFT space. Sometimes the best lessons are bought, not taught.

Attempts to be rid of these already being made...

Not surprisingly, it is becoming more obvious to holders that Bunks aren’t what many of them truly wanted, and everyone can tell. Not just that Bunks are literally a blatant knock-off, but that holders don’t really care for what they’ve purchased...

Nobody sees OG. They see wannabe. How rewarding.

Imagine for a moment that you had no reservations in misrepresenting yourself. Would you have any interest in wearing a fake Rolex if everyone who saw it could quickly and easily identify it as a fake?

Perhaps some might actually prefer the appearance of a fake Rolex over any authentic watch brand within their budget, and it really isn’t about flaunting the brand for them. Presumably these same people would always happily reveal “it’s not a real Rolex ;-)” whenever prompted by an admirer. They went out looking to purchase an admittedly fake Rolex.

Unfortunately, much more often than not, people don’t go looking for an authentic Rolex expecting an especially good deal, unless they plan to buy a stolen one. Suddenly there is much reason to suspect dishonesty on behalf of the seller. This buyer doesn’t seem like that forthright nice guy either. What reservations would this seller have pawning off a fake Rolex as an authentic stolen one?

Can you spot the fake?

What is key for everyone involved is that it’s pretty tough to spot a fake Rolex, which is why there is, and probably always will be a market for them.

A Bunk, on the other hand, will always be spotted immediately.

At least SubstraPunks acknowledge they are not CryptoPunks. Though clearly not an original concept, they are considered to be the first Polkadot NFTs. A substrate-based remake of CryptoPunks which also features 10,000 unique character images, but with entirely new attributes and rarities used to compose the NFT art.

SubtsraPunks have a bit of charm.

Bunks almost certainly aren’t what you really wanted. You might consider burning them. They’ll leave you, and anyone confused or tricked into buying them more emptied than fulfilled.

I wouldn’t touch Bunks or any ‘community’ that formed around them with a ten foot pole.

Here is a link to the one and only true CryptoPunks project platform:


Here is a link to the one and only true CryptoPunks Ethereum Smart Contract.

Here is a link to the one and only true LarvaLabs Discord.

Be safe out there!


Not to suggest the matters are related. Just bad timing I suspect.

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