SupDAO token s*cks

SupDAO token s*cks

Gifts are always welcome. Surprise!! But definitely not in crypto when you are not aware of the sender and what was sent. In the past week, a few of our fellow crypto friends received a whopping 800,000 SupDao ERC20 tokens to their Ethereum wallets. Those who were fast enough to claim their “free airdrop” would have, unfortunately, been given access to a contract that executes a function that could drain your wallet off your coins.

As always, again and again, we repeat, your first reaction should be CAUTION!!

Before happily claiming not knowing what is being claimed, you could lose what was earned from your wallet - your precious tokens.

<center>Curiosity Attracts Scam.</center>

So first up, scammers spread curiosity at random.

The SupDao “team!” initiated their first step by sending an airdrop of tokens (800K)  to thousands of wallets ( ~ 12K)  in a Bulk distribution. Suggest a better way to get you curious??

Curious And Happy Folks Are Now Invited To The Scam House  

Curious receivers headed to Uniswap to check if they can trade, but due to some unfortunate error, tokens cant be approved for trading. Which led to a message which pointed to their website (which is down at the moment).

Like how you have already portrayed, a treasure to recover, there sits a “Get Airdrop” button with a perfect gift 🎁 emoji which further takes your data, classic phishing with modern technique. 

Our research shows there were 3 wallets involved in the scam which could be a single person or multiple entities.

The Chase Begins 

Details from Etherscan shows SupDao's contract and (what a big community?!)12,504 holders of these tokens worth $0 value!

So what other information could we dig about when we see these tokens appearing in our wallet. Does that look like a “Caution - Scam” and who names their token “”

Do we need to probe further investigation into this? Save your time!

And just reiterate the subtle importance of mistrust in the world of cryptocurrency. 

Could some diligence be of any help?

Definitely, right! It would take only a minute to just do a basic check. For the least, in Twitter; type the name of the token you have received to check what was the outcome for others. We know words spread like wildfire in social media if phishing happened.

Redlion News was spot-on to put an immediate “SCAM ALERT” post, a perfect red signal.

As The Old Saying Goes “Precaution Is Better Than Cure”, Forewarned is Forearmed

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