Stolen vectors

Stolen vectors

He publicly admitted the errors of his ways on Twitter, but as you can see he received a lot of heat from other Rarible members.

Our Gazette didn’t do any digging at all, but sure as hell got an opinion! From the whole RLE Gazette team we wish compassion and communication as a solution to make things right again.

We all make mistakes , some are bigger than others, how we rise and overcome is what deems us worthy or not. Not the mistakes themselves.

As a final note all the buyers (when it dropped) who took a leap of faith and bought one of our crappy gazettes actually made money!

Redlioneye bought a piece from each one! Will this happen again? Maybe yes maybe no, maybe some! Special thanks to these legends:
Shaolin Shoppe
Bishops Storage Box

By the release of this issue all the previous unsold will be burnt.

Much Love and Respect to each and single one in our community!

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