Stefan Große Halbuer Announces New Art Project: 'Lines'

Stefan Große Halbuer Announces New Art Project: 'Lines'

Visual artist and creative all-rounder Stefan Große Halbuer is moving from canvas to print with his latest project: an art and coloring book titled 'Lines.' Based in Münster, Germany, Stefan is known for his passion for visual communication, information design, illustration, and editorial design. Now he brings this passion to an exciting new venture that aims to invigorate the world of adult coloring books.

Coloring With a Twist

Stefan's upcoming 'Lines' is not just an ordinary coloring book. It's a fusion of creative expression and educational content, featuring coloring pages, tutorials, and insights into his personal creative process.

The focus of 'Lines' is color. Having noticed that color-related themes were the most frequently asked questions by his audience, Stefan decided to dedicate an entire book to the subject. The intention is to provide a breath of fresh air in the adult coloring book market, which Stefan believes is saturated with "a really big pile of boring stuff."

Kickstarter & Patreon Plans

Stefan aims to fund the production of 'Lines' via a Kickstarter campaign – his first-ever venture into crowdfunding. This move aligns with the growing trend of artists seeking alternative ways to finance their projects and maintain creative independence.

His Patreon supporters are set for a treat. Stefan plans to use the platform to host a live 'making-of' series over the next 10-12 weeks, documenting his journey creating 'Lines.' Patrons will gain exclusive insights into the book-making process, enjoy early access to coloring tutorials, and even have a say in the book's design through various polls. In return for their support, patrons will receive a digital copy of the book, potential discounts on Kickstarter rewards, and long-term patrons may even receive a free printed copy.

Timeline & Next Steps

The Kickstarter campaign is tentatively set to launch in mid-to-late September, with a run time of about 30 days. Stefan's goal is to have the book ready for printing soon after the Kickstarter ends, aiming for the books to land in mailboxes in time for Christmas.

Stefan Große Halbuer's 'Lines' promises a creative and educational experience, breaking new ground in the realm of adult coloring books. By integrating coloring pages, tutorials, and insights into his personal process, Stefan aims to deliver an exciting and novel experience. Through engaging with his community via Kickstarter and Patreon, Stefan is shaping 'Lines' to be a unique collaborative project. Stay tuned for more updates on this innovative artistic venture.

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