SOURCE Exhibition: A Convergence of Art, Code, and Blockchains

SOURCE Exhibition: A Convergence of Art, Code, and Blockchains

In the evolving world of digital art, Feral File announced SOURCE, an exhibition that showcases the ever-deepening relationship between software and art. Curated by the influential minds of Operator (Ania Catherine, Dejha Ti), 0xDEAFBEEF, and Casey REAS, the exhibition stands as a reflective space, highlighting the fluid boundaries of modern-day artistry.

The Motive Behind "SOURCE"

The nomenclature "SOURCE" serves a dual purpose. On one hand, it points to the "source code," the backbone of the software-driven artworks. Simultaneously, it hints at the "source" or origin of an artistic realm that's fast unfolding. This isn't just another exhibition; it's a collective pause, an opportunity for reflection amid the rapidly shifting world of art, technology, and blockchains.

From visual art to sound, poetry, conceptual pieces, and installations, SOURCE encapsulates a diverse range of art forms. The distinctiveness lies in the mediums – source code, machine learning algorithms, and even handcrafted elements. While some artworks were birthed in the solo space of individual artists, others are the fruit of collaborative endeavors.

What's unique about this Feral File show is its curation of artworks that were previously showcased on various platforms. This assembly aims to offer a comparative perspective, letting viewers grasp the broader artistic narrative and the recent inclinations of the featured artists.

Bridging The Gap

With advancements in code, automation, and blockchain technology, the possibilities for artistic expression have significantly expanded. Yet, at its core, art remains a timeless medium of communication, bridging the chasm between the artist and the world. It offers a space of profound connection, even in the absence of physical touch.

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The explosion of Cryptoart in recent years has indelibly impacted the landscape of generative and digital art. The novel combination of art and blockchain technology has ushered in an era where artists use these decentralized ledgers not only to maintain provenance but also as intrinsic components of their artworks. It's a world where code-created art is transacted with code-based currency, amplifying the opportunities for artists manifold.

Artists & Platforms: A New Dawn

A significant portion of the artworks in SOURCE were birthed through technologies that have only recently seen the light of day. While some artists have been on the scene for over a decade, many found an audience only around 2021, when the digital art sphere experienced unprecedented vigor. This suggests that the present moment, encapsulated by SOURCE, is unique, representing a distinct chapter in the annals of art history.

Among the featured artists are notable names like Anna Lucia, DADAGAN, Holly Herndon, Mat Dryhurst, Matt Kane, and many more. These artworks were first minted by leading platforms such as fxhash, wildxyz, Art Blocks, and others.

Future Echoes: A Pioneering Pulse

The curators, with their deep-seated reflections on the artworks of SOURCE, have illuminated the importance of each piece while sharing their intimate connections to them. The exhibition, in essence, stands as a testament to the multifaceted world of art, technology, and the beautiful confluence between the two.

As SOURCE rolls out its visual spectacle, it beckons us to witness, ponder, and appreciate the ever-evolving tapestry of contemporary art.

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