Snake of All Streets

Snake of All Streets

Who is the wolf of all streets?

Scott Melker is a massive crypto influencer with more than 450k Twitter followers and is considered by many of his followers to be a trustful and nice guy. Before his crypto investing, he was a DJ and mashup artist playing alongside multiple big names.

The primary thread to come out was done by ZachXBT, where he went through examples of Melker shilling coins to his followers and dumping his shares quickly after the coin peaks. He is accused of creating a scheme where he gets paid by projects to shill a coin resulting in a pump and dumping his assets onto his followers. There are multiple examples of him shilling a coin and dumping on top. Go through the thread to see the examples.

Another concern that people have with Melker’s shillings is that his audiences’ experience in DEFI trading is relatively low; he has many noobs following him and trusting him. This may be the reason why he felt he would be able to do this. He knew his audience would buy and pump the coin he shilled, which would allow him to dump his assets at the top. 

Scott Melker has responded to these accusations saying, “My old tweets and charts have been used against me to create false narratives, like that I am scamming people, which is patently false. I have never and will never.” He has claimed innocence, saying he did not realize the size of his reach towards his audience. 

His reasoning for deleting the tweets where he shilled coins was “to prevent people doing this going forward. Deleting a tweet does not make you a scammer. Every coin is down in this market.”

He also responded to ZachXBT’s Twitter thread going through two of the coins that Zach accused him of dumping. His response can be summed up as he invested his own money into KYL and MINT and did not dump the coins but slowly sold them off. 

One pattern that keeps on popping up is his realization of the size of his Twitter account. He keeps on saying that he doesn’t realize how big his audience is. This excuse has been used by him all month and brings up the question, will he ever realize how to count and figure out how much 456K people are?

On a funnier note, everybody’s favorite crypto rapper, Soulja Boy, got caught being paid to shill a coin. Instead of writing his own tweet, he copied down the email he received from Safe Mars telling him the details of his shill. In doing so, he realized he would be getting a 10% cut from the presale. This doesn’t surprise me; Soulja Boy has to be the laziest “entrepreneur” in the world. Just look at his NFTs that he released or Soulja phone, which was a repackage phone from China.

According to US law, it is illegal to promote investments in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Back in 2018, The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) already charged DJ Khaled and Floyd Mayweather for doing the same thing Soulja Boy just did. So don’t be surprised when you see a Redlion article about the SEC going after Soulja Boy. 

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