Siba is an artist with many talents in his mid-30s. From a young age, creativity and art lead him to a Graphics design school. He loves to explore and learn various mediums. For many years Siba was a professional photographer. Always loved gaming so thought himself how to build computer games. Video and music are also in his repertoire, producing short films and electronic music. His wild imagination and troubled past of 15 years of drug addiction shaped him and his art. 

Nowadays Siba is very focused on digital art and exploring the possibilities of blockchain technology and art. He has been playing a lot with contracts, AI, pixel art, digital paintings, and experimenting with 3D animation, using it as a way to express his feelings and tell stories. He's excited about the potential of this new medium and eager to learn more about it. 

Siba is passionate about his work and loves to share his knowledge with others. He often helps his friends and coworkers with various related procedures and technology, and he is always open to new collaborations. He’s also an active member of the local art and tech community. 

Hey Siba, what gets you going in the morning? 

I am a night bird, so I go to sleep in the morning haha... But when I wake there is no lack of motivation. I don’t know, somehow I found my calling, tech and art.

How did you learn to make video games? 

Uff I spent a few years, grinding night and day. Learning how to animate and how to model was a long process. The whole pipeline for games, coding... Somehow got from the cube to the whole game and yea, I fell in love with unity. It was a way of therapy, helped me a lot to get clean. I needed to reprogram myself to a more healthy life and focus. 


Finalizing a game by yourself is way too much work, maybe that's a reason why I have a bunch of prototypes and 0 finished games ykyk, ok except Gamejams. Hopefully, I find a team to collaborate with. 

Can you tell us more about your photography career? 

It was in 2004 when I had the opportunity to apprentice in a photo studio. The Hasselblad with a box full of Leica lenses and 120mm films will stay in my memory forever. The experience I gained over the years helped me understand the importance of every aspect of the production process. I also learned a lot about lighting, composition and color grading. I had a lot of fun the whole time. The next step was to get involved in music video production.

What're you focusing on now?

I'm building a photo collection and an experimental video project on ETH. I was involved in a serious car accident a few months ago, so I'm still licking my wounds and taking it easy. But I'm happy to be alive and enjoying every day!

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Siba here

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