Scorch Beats

Hi Scorch Beats! Nice to meet you.

A little while ago, I came across one of your artworks, the one called “Birdman”. I was intrigued by the number of details in this particular piece. I then looked at the rest of your work, got in touch and am now thrilled to release the first Redlion Gazette ArtDrop of 2022 with you. Let’s tell our readers a little bit more about you.

First of all, can you tell us how you got into creating art?

“I have loved all visual art forms since I was a kid, and I always loved to draw. I never had any teachers, never went to art school or something like that. I am self-taught, watching youtube tutorials or experimenting. I started taking digital art more seriously in 2013 when I began to make cover art for indie artists (which I’m still doing).”

How did you get into NFTs?

“I heard about NFTs first time from Beeple I guess. It was way before his biggest sale for millions of dollars. But I didn't quite understand what an NFT was back then. However, I was also following @_KidEight Instagram and I had been watching his progress for all of 2020-2021 years. He was my main inspiration to continue learning 3d and eventually get into NFTs.”

What inspires you most?

“My current style is inspired a lot by anything Sci-Fi. I get a lot of inspiration from video games, movies, anime and other artists. I feel like I still don't know many things, hence I try to always improve and learn something new.”

“I honestly can't describe how I'm coming up with ideas for my art. Most often, I'm just freestyling. I start with some basic things and try to evolve them. Whenever I begin to work on a new piece I usually don't have any plan or strategy. Sometimes my experiments lead to a good result, sometimes they don’t."

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