Rocketgirl: Blazing a Trail in the World of Crypto Art

Rocketgirl: Blazing a Trail in the World of Crypto Art

From the rain-soaked streets of Ireland to the bustling cities of New York and Dubai, Rocketgirl's journey in the realm of crypto art has been nothing short of stellar. With her striking multidisciplinary approach to art and an electric presence in the NFT space, she has solidified her status as one of the prominent figures in today's digital art scene.

Origins and Influences

Rocketgirl, a self-taught artist with Irish roots, started her artistic journey using traditional mediums like ink, acrylic, and oil. She would transition to the world of digital art and NFTs around 2019-2021, a pivotal time for the crypto art community. Her unique process often begins with a physical painting, which she photographs and then digitally finalizes. Her aim? To capture the vibrancy of life and invoke emotions in a β€œhit & run” fashion.

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Her connection to the world is deep-rooted in her heritage and life experiences. She was "minted in Ireland," as she fondly says, and later shifted to Edinburgh, Scotland. Here, she spent her university days and delved deep into the world of blockchain marketing. It was during this time that she was introduced to the budding crypto art scene by Alotta Money, a name that's revered in the digital art community.

Rocketgirl and Crypto Art

Rocketgirl's entry into the NFT space was marked by her minting her genesis piece on Foundation in October. Her choice of platform was influenced by its exclusivity and user-friendly interface. Before this, she was actively purchasing art and networking for almost five months. Her prior experience in the blockchain realm certainly helped in understanding the tech nuances behind NFTs, but it was her passion for art that truly drove her to mint her works.

One of the pivotal moments that reignited her passion for crypto art was reading an article about Beeple. Inspired by the limitless opportunities in the NFT space, she started creating art with a vengeance during the lockdowns, all while seeking new ways to share her creations with the world.

Inspirations and Aspirations

Rocketgirl's influences span from iconic figures like Jean-Michel Basquiat, whose work has left an indelible mark on her style, to emerging NFT artists like Alien Queen, whom she greatly admires for her vibrant and captivating art. Beyond her love for art, Rocketgirl has an array of passions, including reading β€” which she believes deeply influences her art concepts β€” and a penchant for fine wine and olives.

Additionally, she has ventured into other forms of artistic expression. From penning poetry for her NFT descriptions to crafting delicious vegan delicacies, her creativity knows no bounds.

A Glimpse into Rocketgirl's Evolution

Over the years, her style has undergone a significant transformation. From pop-art collages and classical oil painting renditions during her school days to a hiatus filled with travel and exploration, her experiences have enriched her artistry. Now, she seamlessly merges provocative ink paintings with digital elements, crafting the signature Rocketgirl style. And she's not stopping there. With plans to embark on a new surreal and fantastical direction, the future looks even brighter for this star.


As we delve into Rocketgirl's ascending trajectory, we're presented with some impressive numbers: a staggering sales volume increase of 700% since Q3 '22; 35 1/1 sales on Foundation; 14 1/1 sales on SuperRare; and 75 edition sales. Moreover, her art has graced exhibitions in global hubs like Chicago, NYC, and Dubai. The art community eagerly awaits Rocketgirl's next masterpiece.

The Redlion Gazette's Upcoming Collaboration

Merging the best of both worlds, The Redlion Gazette is gearing up for an exclusive partnership with the inimitable Rocketgirl for our forthcoming cover edition.

Set to unveil on Monday, Oct 16th, whispers of anticipation ripple through the art circles. With Rocketgirl's trailblazing approach to art, the audience is bracing themselves for a cover that promises to be both visually arresting and deeply resonant.

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