Richard Heart’s Biggest “SCAM” Yet

Richard Heart’s Biggest “SCAM” Yet

19 months and around 3000x ago, and was almost instantly labeled a “scam”. HEX became the blockchain’s first Certificate of Deposit (CD), allowing individuals to lock up funds for any set period of time up to 15 years and earn rewards from inflation, similar to liquidity mining. $HEX was initially airdropped to BTC holders and individuals were able to mint coins by swapping their ETH. Since then, thousands of investors have had their debt “scammed” away from them, leaving hundreds of new millionaires and memes like this.

After noticing a 3x increase in gas costs for SLOAD and CALL functions would come from the ETH Berlin hard fork and many months of insane gas fees back in March, Richard decided to begin working on a solution.

Pulse Chain

Pulse Chain claims to be a fast, low transaction fee, deflationary, PoS fork of Ethereum that will bring Ethereum’s system state (That means you get a copy of ALL your ERC-20 tokens) to the new blockchain. The PRC-20 tokens (Pulse’s ERC-20s, ex. pUSDC) experiment will dawn a chaotic price discovery phase that may reinforce true DeFi projects while eliminating admin key, counterparty risk projects. These PRC tokens will all be valueless at the time of launch and not redeemable to ERC tokens through the Pulse bridge, so 1 USDC ≠ 1 pUSDC. $PLS, Pulse Chains native token, can be staked and delegated to validators to earn rewards from transaction fees. There are rumors of liquidity farming options and other “really cool stuff” that may potentially bring wider adoption to this new fork. You can learn more and sacrifice on their website:, social media links can also be found on their site.

On Wed July 14, Pulse Chain’s sacrifice phase launched. Investors can choose to make a political statement where “You are sacrificing to prove how strong you believe that blockchains are speech and speech is a protected human right.” Each $1 worth of crypto you sacrifice will be equivalent to 10,000 sacrifice points for the first 5 days and degrade 5% a day for the next 14 days. These “Sacrifice Points” may or may not lead to $PLS credit when the mainet goes live. Additionally, there is a volume amplifier tied to a linear bonding curve where the largest sacrificer will be awarded a 2.5x bonus and the smallest sacrificer being awarded 1x with everyone else evenly spaced in between. Below is a list of blockchains that are supported for the sacrifice. Simply connect your metamask wallet that you wish to receive sacrifice credit for and send to the address provided.

Binance Coin
Bitcoin Cash
Polygon (Matic)
Stellar Network

If you don't want to sacrifice to the “sacrifice addresses”, you have the option to donate to a 501(c)3 charity organization, the SENS Research Foundation (SRF), and receive 75% of the dollar amount you donated as credit towards the sacrifice. The SRF works to develop, promote, and ensure widespread access to therapies that cure and prevent the diseases and disabilities of aging by comprehensively repairing the damage that builds up in our bodies over time. You can find out more about them at their website: along with instructions on the sacrifice on their homepage.

So who is this “scamming” now...

The Pulse Chain will be secured using a PoS consensus algorithm thereby eliminating wasteful negative externalities so miners won't be forced to dump the price to pay for all the energy like PoW networks do. By limiting the number of validators and switching to an environmentally-friendly network, energy producers and mining rig suppliers could be getting “scammed” out of the massive revenues they've been making.


In the first 48 hours of the sacrifice phase, SRF raised over $20 million of charitable contributions that will lead to funding vital research focused on extending and improving the lives of everyone. Through funding this research, these donations will “scam” the Earth of disease and cell decay that every human experiences. A notable supporter of the SRF and donations from the Pulse Chain sacrifice who has contributed millions in the past is Vitalik. 

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