Well, neither of these bids were accepted or countered. Still, it has been another unprecedented and record-setting week for Larva Labs NFTs! Both CryptoPunks and AutoGlyphs have exploded in price, with a ‘floor’ CryptoPunk now costing upwards of 15 ETH each!

It’s not just the floor Punks on the move, 4 of the top 10 all time CryptoPunk sales have been made in the past five days!

That’s right. 2 single attribute Apes have broken the previous Alien Punk sales record.

Ape Punk #4156 bought by GaryVee, we are still trying to find out who bought the 800ETH Ape.

The previously held Zombie sales record was broken, and two days later broken again!

What an incredible record-setting week for NFTs! Punks are once again the number 1 NFT project by market cap. Three times the volume of this week's runner-up project, Hashmasks.

Here is some quick CryptoPunk price and chart data from this morning…

I am guessing Feb 21st won’t look like a dip by the end of the day

Another individual sale well worth mentioning occurred this week, and boy was it exciting to watch! After a couple days of watching the initial listing price slowly reduce, a full set of AutoGlyphs sold for 731 ETH! Big congrats to the new owner SETHS for his purchase, and to the Larva Labs developers for their record breaking Glyph sale. Well earned by both parties. As it turns out, the purchaser of this set also made the recent Alien Punk #2890 sale!

There are now 16 Glyphs for sale in total, with a floor price of 50 ETH. Wow!

Though there are frequent special happenings in the Larva Labs Discord, another jumped out at us this week as well. 'NateAlexNFT, long term Larva Labs follower and creator of www.chainfaces.cowww.squiggly.wtf, and infinft.com, sold his all-time favorite NFT, Punk #5684, for the ‘low’ price of 44 ETH back in August 2020.

With the recent Punk explosion he bid 100 ETH on it in hopes of just maybe 'getting a pity acceptance', which failed. Apparently DANNY says he is never getting her back 🙍‍♂️ For Nate, this is 'un-ironically the Punk that got away'.

‘I started to really love punks in the months I held my best one. I got to know a lot of the Punk OGs and found I enjoyed the community in much the same way I did in earlier day CK. I understood at last, Punks were special. I wanted more but I always was waiting for the price to drop, which never really happened!’ 

Thanks for sharing your story with RLE. Let us all learn from Nate!

Larva Labs Discord welcomes an exciting new member...

He won’t be on his own!

Better hide em’ gang, this is going to be good. Until next time Punkamaniacs!


At the time of writing some omega level chad scooped the punk floor from 13.5 ETH all the way to 18 ETH.

Total spend was about 560 ETH.

Some early rumors are developing that Chamath Palihapitiya 
was behind the buy. Another prediction made by Redlioneye after he saw the now deleted tweet by MrBeast.

He might be scooping the punk floor soon for a YT video. In any case, we are living the most exciting NFT days ever! History is happening right in front of our eyes daily!

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