Prometheans: NFT Monks Preserve the Spirit of the Space.

FUD showers brew. An FTX fog dims the light of a once-shining space. The four horsemen of the NFT apocalypse–Panic, Scams, Rugs and Regulation–are galloping across the sodden, underdeveloped metaverses of web3! Faithful hodlers have been punished. Recent crypto converts have been scared back into the damp web2 caves of corporate covens. 

But there is a light still shining. An eternal flame lit anew every fifteen minutes by the most pious of blockchain bros. Blessed are the NFT Monks who tend to the holy spirit of the NFT Space. They accept your charity; they offer a free mint… this is the story of The Prometheans

Prometheans describes itself as “an on-chain experiment with no roadmap, no discord and no utility.” The concept is exceedingly simple, “Players recruit monks by minting an NFT. The countdown resets to 15 minutes each time a monk is recruited. The journey ends if the countdown hits zero.” 

The other part of the “game” is rarity. As the timer approaches zero, the rarity of the monk minted increases. From the project’s page, it looks as though there are 16 different monks that can be minted. However, only five monks appear on the Promethean Opensea. This means that, since the project launched on November 16th, the timer has not dipped below 10 minutes. No one wants to let the light go out! Kudos to the Promethean team for creating a simple, yet endearing, social-engineering project.

A large part of the attention being paid to The Prometheans is due to the trio of NFT influencers behind the game: @giancarlochaux, @0xBasset and @peacefallxyz. The combined follower count of this group is high; their intentions seem highly honorable. Prometheans is ​​”a reaction to what we’ve seen in NFT projects,” referring to the greed of self-serving projects. This is why Prometheans has “Zero Minting, Pay what you want and CC0.” 

Whimsical, simple fun, The Prometheans is a reminder of what NFTs used to be a year ago. Behind the venture is a potent metaphor: we all must stay engaged to keep the eternal NFT flame going. The cold Winter months of this bear market will give way to Spring. Keep your eyes peeled for future developments. Prometheans “is the beginning of something bigger.” Who knows what that will be. For the degens who elect to pay at least 0.04 Eth, they’ll “receive perks for future drops.” Whether the perks deliver value or not, @0xBasset has delivered on the promise to “put the fun back into non-fungible.”

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