Pixel Art Fever Over Here!

Pixel Art Fever Over Here!

Things are still accelerating. User count continues to grow. So do the number of new (and old!) projects having their moment in the spotlight. Many of these new NFTs come in the form of Pixel Art. A trend obviously forming as a result of CryptoPunk’s massive success. There is some clever art here, so we thought we’d share a bit of what we’ve seen a lot of this past week. It’s actually a pretty fun mix of Pixel Art projects, including gorillas, cats, superheros, presidents, even aliens!


It’s tough for me to be sure which of these came onto the Larva Labs Discord scene first. I’ve seen it raining cats, Aliens landing, Gorillas uprising. Seriously, like half of the regulars in Punk Discord chat suddenly have CyberKongz for avatars! It’s been good times, so let’s see what some of these fun projects are about.

Yes, a few of them DO look familiar... They also make me smile a little bit :)

Some pretty serious looking price action too, especially for such a new project!

This next one is actually a reboot and revival of a much older project. By wrapping these ‘Moon Cats’, this once mostly dormant fork of CryptoPunks can now be traded on NFT marketplaces.

Now that they are out of the bag there’s no telling where these cats are headed. Typically cats have a great sense of direction though, they know how to find their way home. Otherwise...

That’s not the only #MoonCat giveaway either!

Good stuff. How about something for the people who have already honed their digital cat collections.

I must be getting old...

I don’t know who half of these heroes / villains are! Guess it’s time to catch up on Marvel movies. But before I do, how about a quick history lesson.

Lets see how many of these guys I know…

OK I am getting old. I know this whole crew, but not the comic heroes!

Anyways. 2,095 billionaires in the world. 46 PresidentPunks. You do the math.

Alien pixel art! I’ve heard such things can quickly wind up being worth a fortune…

I actually might grab one of these ETHTerrestrials.

You know, just in case :)


The Pranksy Million Dollar Punk Draw has been successfully concluded!

This was a great event Pranked. Big thanks to you and the whole team for all of your extra hard work. We really enjoyed the live stream!

A funny story developed in the last two spins of the wheel. It all came down to our very first RedLionEye Gazette Subscription holder, C.Pyrc, and RedLionEye himself! Further, there was a clear winner left to be had... A great 3D Glasses Punk was hanging in the balance!

Big Congrats C.Pyrc!

That’s from RLE himself. If it had to go to someone else, he’s glad it went to our #1 fan :)

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