Petra Voice's "Babes": A Whimsical and Mischievous Onchain Summer Adventure

Petra Voice's "Babes": A Whimsical and Mischievous Onchain Summer Adventure

The crypto art world is abuzz with the arrival of "Babes," a captivating new collection by Petra Voice. Launched on June 11th as part of Coinbase's Onchain Summer event, "Babes" is curated by Foundation's Forever Projects.

A Cultural and Personal Inspiration

The "Babes" collection delves into the concept of "koakuma" – the playful yet mischievous "little demons" of Japanese folklore and anime, presenting a vibrant blend of bold colors, intricate details, and nostalgic aesthetics inspired by 90s and early 2000s anime.

Petra draws from her personal experiences and cultural shifts, particularly her time in Asia, to create the "Babes" collection, the term "koakuma" deeply resonated with her, symbolizing the playful and mischievous aspects of the human nature, each character in "Babes" is designed to evoke wonder, curiosity, and playfulness, inviting collectors to embrace their inner "koakuma."

Handling Online Criticism with Grace

The announcement of "Babes" wasn't without its challenges, Petra faced significant online backlash when she tweeted a photo of her art alongside her own image, sparking a heated debate about the role of AI in art, Critics argued that using AI to create art diminishes the value of traditional artistic processes but things went further with certain individuals showing hate and toxicity instead of simply giving opinions.

However, Petra handled the situation with grace and elegance, choosing not to engage with the negativity and instead focusing on her art and the support from the community of fellow artists & collectors.

Connecting with the Audience

Through "Babes," Petra aims to convey a message of self-acceptance and emotional authenticity, the characters in the collection are unapologetic in their expressions, encouraging viewers to embrace their quirks and emotions.

Petra hopes to connect with her audience on a deeper level, fostering a sense of community and understanding, by creating art that resonates with people's experiences and emotions, she aspires to inspire others to be true to themselves.

Babes Ruling the Space

Since its launch, "Babes" has taken the crypto art space by storm, with nearly 30,000 mints so far. Petra's initial auction of four artworks from the collection garnered significant attention and high bids.

Looking ahead, Petra is excited about future collaborations and projects, she plans to continue refining and expanding upon the themes present in "Babes," and while no major drops are planned immediately, she remains committed to consistently creating and sharing new content with her audience.

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