For NFT artist Padid, from Thailand, this could be real-life someday.

Hence Padid went out and created BOXHAUS. A series of houses that could defend themselves from awful disasters like the event it was inspired by. As Padid says: β€œThe BOXHAUS project shows houses and buildings that can fold up and close again, to protect themselves against bad weather, natural disasters and explosions.”

Padid is an interior and graphic designer. β€œI've been working on the customer side of design for too long. What I really want to do, is create art that really represents me. NFTs are the answer. I hope to inspire my grandson. He’s 7 years old now and the first time he saw a BOXHAUS, he asked me: β€œIs that real?” I hope, someday, it will be.”

β€œFor the 3D work, I use Sketchup to move the workpiece little by little. I then save the image frame by frame to make an animation in Photoshop, and then I convert it to MP4.”

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Padid here


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