The Gazette started as a silly idea, really, that was so enjoyable to create and so well received by the community that i started to gradually add more effort to it and in the end turned into my creative obsession.

Keeping historical records of a community that is super vibrant and addictively interesting, due to so many fascinating individuals from all over the world bringing flavor into our lives daily through art and NFT creations. The DEFI space although in its infancy is also something extremely captivating and we try to keep records of, or at least the drama for now.

Redlion.news is just the beginning of a long journey, and more exciting collaborations and attempts to innovate in this beautiful space of NFTs should be expected from us. Making the Gazette has never been a one-man show and it's always been very important to bring more and more people into the creation as you might have noticed, from many guest writers to artists, puzzles, fake news novels, etc.
Moreover, i am extremely appreciative of our readers and super grateful that they buy the Gazette Week after week, because of all of you, i feel committed to the improvement of the content every week. I would like to highlight individuals on both the creation side and the audience side, which for us sometimes blend, as it's very common for us to collaborate with our readers.

So a big thank you to:¬†CPyrc, never misses an issue and also guest writes amazing shit,¬†Natealex¬†OG¬†warlord and gazette fanatic,¬†Barthazian¬†for supporting and advising,¬†Parkesy¬†for the best puzzles mankind has ever witnessed,¬†Myph¬†for the dankest of fake news articles,¬†Pranksy¬†for the weekly content and all the help,¬†Bitbuzz¬†weekly supporter,¬†SatmanÔĽŅ¬†for advice and weekly support,¬†NEONÔĽŅ¬†for being an avid reader,¬†Albertine¬†for weekly support,¬†Silvio VieiraÔĽŅ¬†for amazing artdrop,¬†WoWÔĽŅ¬†for the weekly support,¬†I can haz crypto¬†for amazing artdrop,¬†Dave¬†for the weekly support,¬†PowerSurge¬†for advising and promoting,¬†Snowfro¬†for weekly support,¬†MarahGemX¬†for amazing artdrop,¬†SoftBooby¬†for supporting weekly,¬†Freakjeesus¬†for amazing artdrop,¬†ReximusPrime¬†for amazing artdrop,¬†Snape¬†for creating the coolest collectible ever. Last But not least much appreciation to the talented and highly capable commando¬†Dudly¬†for designing every aspect of this new Gazette that you see today, and from saving it from the homegrown aesthetic.

Now let's set sail all together into the best rabbit hole in the world. Super excited for the future ahead of us.

An average person trying to make something extraordinary

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