Anthony Kyriazis, also known as Onyro, has been in the digital art industry since 1998. He started off as a junior designer at a Flash web design agency. He later moved to the legendary Kioken in New York as a creative director & set up their London offices in 2000. In 2004, he set up his own agency, grew it, build up the team, and eventually, in 2008, he merged his Onyro team with OgilvyOne Athens, where he has spent 2 years co-running the OgilvyOne CRM business.

But that’s not where Onyro’s creative journey starts. For that, we need to go back to his high school years. Onyro tells: “I guess it all goes back to being an early teenager, back in 1990-1994, when techno and electronic music grew. At school, everybody was creating still life drawings, but I wanted to be different. I started doing organic abstract doodles whilst listening to electronic music, just dreaming away in my own world. Here are some of my early drawings from 1993..”

“One of the artists I fell in love with was "Future sounds of London". Especially their "Cascade" single, which was released in 1994 when I was 17. At that same age I also used to make electronic music with my best friend and released a vinyl (which is about to be re-released as apparently, it’s finally becoming successful after nearly 20 years hahaha).”

“When I discovered “Cascade” I was shocked, not only because of the music but also because of its art cover… Someone else could digitally create the style I was drawing. I was like ‘wow, I’m not alone! We are part of the same world…’ Ever since then, I have been in love with anything that is organic, curved, abstract, imaginary and otherworldly.”

Nowadays, Onyro uses Houdini to create his artworks. He developed his skills using this software a lot over the last few years.

Onyro is now focusing on his career in the NFT art space. 

Curious to learn more? Then head over to his website, where you can read Onyro’s full bio.

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Onyro here

KO: http://knownorigin.io/onyro  

FND: http://foundation.app/onyro

MP: http://makersplace.com/onyro


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