ON/OFF SCREEN: A Harmonious Blend of Digital and Physical Art Forms

ON/OFF SCREEN: A Harmonious Blend of Digital and Physical Art Forms

London, November 2023 – Anticipation is high for VERTICAL's forthcoming exhibition, "ON/OFF SCREEN," set to open from November 17 to 22 at BSMT Space in London. This unique event promises to be a seminal moment in the art world, showcasing the evolving synergy between digital and traditional art forms.

An Exhibition Showcasing Diverse Artistic Practices

"ON/OFF SCREEN" aims to bridge the gap between digital creations and physical artistry, highlighting a new era in contemporary art.

The exhibition will feature an eclectic mix of generative art, plotter paintings, and fine art prints, illustrating the seamless transition between digital and physical realms. This curation is a nod to the growing influence of digital technologies in shaping artistic expression and audience engagement.

Celebrating Contemporary Artists and Digital Pioneers

The exhibition will introduce new works by contemporary visionaries such as Anna Beller, Licia He, Fingacode, William Watkins, and Takawo. Complementing these modern talents are selected pieces from Blockbird’s private collection, showcasing the work of prominent digital artists like Dmitri Cherniak and Tyler Hobbs.

This lineup represents a rich tapestry of the current digital art scene, highlighting the diversity and creativity that define the genre.

A Platform for Cultural Exchange and Digital Art Discourse

Beyond displaying art, ON/OFF SCREEN is set to be a dynamic platform for dialogue, hosting talks and discussions that delve into the nuances of digital artistry.

These sessions, coupled with live performances, will not only elevate the exhibition experience but also weave connections between the digital art community and London's rich cultural fabric. The event is envisioned as a crucible for fostering understanding, education, and appreciation of the interplay between digital and traditional art forms.

Making Contemporary Art Accessible and Interactive

With its doors opening to the public on November 18, following an exclusive opening vernissage on November 17, the exhibition emphasizes inclusivity and public engagement.

This approach aligns with the broader goal of demystifying contemporary art, making it accessible and relatable to a diverse audience. It's an opportunity for the public to engage directly with the art and artists, breaking down barriers that often surround contemporary art exhibitions.

As we approach the exhibition's opening, "ON/OFF SCREEN" stands as a beacon for the future of art in an increasingly digital world. It's not just a showcase of contemporary talent but a forward-looking exploration of how art will continue to evolve and resonate in our digital age. The exhibition is poised to leave an indelible mark on the art world, heralding a new chapter where digital and physical mediums coalesce in fascinating and unexpected ways.

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