Unveiling the Future of Art and Technology at NFC 2023

Unveiling the Future of Art and Technology at NFC 2023

As the date draws closer, the excitement in the digital art and blockchain community is palpable.

The Art and Tech Powerhouses of NFC 2023

NFC 2023 is set to showcase an inspiring array of speakers and artists who are leading the charge in the rapidly-evolving world of NFTs. Prominent figures like Robby Yung, an authoritative voice in NFTs and Blockchain and the CEO of Animoca Brands, and Inna Modja, the innovative founder of Code Green, are set to share their unique perspectives. Their insights, along with those of other notable participants like Trevor Jones and Coldie, promise to unravel the endless possibilities at the nexus of art and blockchain technology.

Exploring the Crossroads of Art and Blockchain at NFC 2023

NFTs are redefining our interaction with art, introducing a new paradigm of digital ownership and provable scarcity. This year, NFC 2023 is a testament to this transformative shift, with artists like Skygolpe an uneducated artist in his own words, and Foodmasku, known for turning meals into masks and then eating them, demonstrate the broad range of creative approaches within this space.

Blind Talks: A New Perspective on Web3 Events

NFC 2023 is unveiling Blind Talks, an innovative format catering to the unique demands of Web3 events. Blind Talks enable undoxed yet iconic Web3 figures to interact with audiences without revealing their identities. Attendees are immersed in an environment where art is projected on expansive walls, creating a visually rich backdrop for the talks.

Key speakers include Hackatao, presenting “The Story of the Queens and the Kings”, and Pascal Boyart discussing “Pioneering Street Art NFTs: Pushing the Limits” and many more undoxed artists. These Blind Talks promise a uniquely engaging and insightful experience, offering a new perspective on the integration of NFTs and art.


NFC 2023 in Lisbon is shaping up to be an extraordinary gathering where art meets technology in the realm of NFTs. As anticipation builds for this exciting event, it's clear that the intersection of art and blockchain technology is not just the future - it's the present, unfolding in intriguing and unexpected ways.

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