nWay, Animoca Brands, and Yuga Labs Unite for ‘Wreck League’ Game Launch

nWay, Animoca Brands, and Yuga Labs Unite for ‘Wreck League’ Game Launch

In a groundbreaking collaboration that shakes up the gaming world, San Francisco-based game publisher nWay, an Animoca Brands subsidiary, has teamed up with Yuga Labs, creators of the successful Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection. The aim of this joint venture is to redefine the esports landscape through their innovative web3 video game, Wreck League. A Revolutionary Fusion of Gaming and Blockchain

Wreck League stands out due to its novel integration of Yuga Labs' popular web3 intellectual property with nWay's prowess in crafting competitive multiplayer games. With the leverage of Yuga's well-recognized NFT collections, nWay aims to pioneer a transformation in the gaming industry by introducing a highly interactive and customizable gaming experience.

Wreck League, a combat game, breaks gaming conventions by enabling players to own in-game digital assets truly, thereby strengthening the link between blockchain-based gaming and the traditional gaming community.

Bridging the Gap between Web2 and Web3

Designed to encompass both Web2 and Web3 versions, Wreck League is set to unite different gaming communities while also harnessing the creative potential of the Web3 community to continually enhance the game's content. A free-to-play version aims to connect the Web3 community and traditional gaming enthusiasts, facilitating a smooth transition for all players into the blockchain gaming era.

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Furthermore, the game encourages continuous customization, with players crafting high-performance Mechs from individual Mech Parts NFTs and participating in league events and high-stakes competitions.

Wreck League: A New Era in Esports

With the enthusiastic endorsement from Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, Wreck League is set to redefine player engagement. Siu is confident about the potential of Wreck League to become a significant esports title due to its competitive multiplayer system.

A unique feature of the game allows Mech NFT owners to generate non-NFT copies of their Mechs for sale, with a portion of the revenue benefitting the original Mech NFT owners. The inaugural season of Wreck League is set to launch in September, promising over 1.5 quadrillion unique combinations for battle, further blurring the boundaries between traditional gaming and digital ownership.

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