Nilus J. Dantes

Nilus J. Dantes

Nilus has been a full time artist in the web3 space since August last year, following his onboarding in February of 2021. Based in Seattle, USA, Nilus has been a photographer for over 6 years, and took the jump into making it his career in January 2020, prior to which he was a video editor for 11 years. 

In his words, “B&W is very special to me and exists as more than just a style but a necessary balance to the world of photography. Good and evil, light and shadow, day & night... These innate and yet important fundamentals of life exist as contrast in its purest form and black and white photography serves as an extension of these tethered extremes.

Nilus finds inspiration in the unknown and exploring the infinite possibilities that it contains, possibilities which allow us to perceive the world in an entirely new way.

“This is why a lot of my work is rooted in horror philosophy such as ‘Don't show the monster in the dark unless you can supersede the viewers imagination."

The piece made for this week’s ArtDrop is part of one of Nilus’ abstract photo mega-collections he calls "Rorschach's" – “while there inherently isn't a story in the piece, its story is formed through the perspective of the viewer.”

Check out free NFT ArtDrop by Nilus J. Dantes here

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