But let’s read a great summary about what happened by NFT OG Barthazian.

If you are like me and recently aped a lot of eth in stupid mojis, you'll love to hear that both projects are being revived by their community. Although it will be really hard to restore trust but not impossible

Here is the TG group if anyone wants to be a part of it

Massive appreciation to all of you who are buying the REDLIONEYE GAZETTE.

There was the idea to include a free hat with this week's issue, but there is no way to make wearables on CV right now and on DCL the creators are approved per contract so it's curated what it can be made.

If there is anyone who could help make 100 wearables for gifting on the next issue please contact our headquarters, DM Redlioneye either on Twitter or Discord.

Again thank you for reading and thank you for red bolts.

Red Bolts > Cocaine
Red Bolts > Sex

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